Why I don’t personal train any more | #274

I don’t personal train anymore.

Do you love it? Every day the way you’re doing it? It’s a legitimate ask.

I don’t work one-on-one any more except in a coaching relationship. I never exercise with a client. And would not advise you to be doing that if you’re coaching someone online. That’s a ridiculous service job that takes you back light years. Imagine exercising for 6-8 sessions a day. That kind of thing last happened in the 80’s as the norm. It carried over into the 90’s for those “addicted fitness instructors” who ignored the well-known risks science had discovered. (My master’s thesis, in fact was about how to avoid exercise injuries from “aerobics.”)

You Don’t Have to Repeat Past Mistakes

But trainers did it. During the pandemic trainers who never would have done it meeting in person with a client did it when meeting virtually with them. What was that about? Discomfort. Lack of confidence and belief in what you were doing being enough. That is something valuable to acknowledge, and to deal with. 

You are no less valuable training a client while they’re at home in their living room than you are in person. The exercise done to proper fatigue is just as valuable for them. You in fact monitor them less keenly while you yourself are doing the exercise. Upgrade your services by making sure you’ve given tips to them instead. Provide a more accurate cheat sheet for them as well as homework between sessions. 

  •     In a darker background, wear light clothing
  •     Wear form-fitting clothing
  •     Be sure you have a quiet space so I can hear you, you can hear me
  •     Check your internet connection. 

But you exercising all day is a super quick way to burnout, reduce the value of your time, and trash your body. Why would you want to send the message to a client like that? You’re their role model, right? 

Do What You Love 

But that’s not why I don’t personal train anymore. I can’t afford to. My time per hour would price me at a ridiculous rate. If I’m not making $500 an hour it’s hard to justify time spent training when I’ve got other things to do in my business. 

Fitness professionals today don’t “exercise for a living.” They support others exercising for a living. There is a big difference. 

I have a gym owner friend who says, and has for years, “I sell sweat for a living.” In my opinion, that’s a functional mindset issue and a message to staff and public that loses clients and trust. What he really sells is hope, optimism, and inspiration. 

Inspiration Not Perspiration

And so do you. 

You can stand out online in this crowded market, even if you don’t personal train as we know it anymore. 

It’s not hard. 

There are a lot of copy cats making it easy to be unique.

Pay less attention to what someone else is saying on their social media. Pay more attention to what your customers are saying. Respond to that. Know your customer better than anyone else. 

That is good copywriting. And if you’re not good at it now, you can get better at it. 

Right Message Right Time

Here are 5 examples of where you’ve got to be good at it:

  • Email subject lines
  • Emails
  • Social media posts (the copy below/above your image)
  • Your blog/video titles
  • Your video script

And I’m giving you all 5 PLUS a bonus template 

  • descriptions for hiring your virtual team or staff members

Those alone are worth the registration for my Marketing to Women Copywriting workshop July 21. I’ll share what I’ve used to grow from $5000 a month to 6 figures a month. Using original content only you can create and everyone will want to copy, but can’t. 

Think outside the box. Think about how you can really do what we all must do to be in business, solve a problem.

  • What is it you solve?
  • How do you do it uniquely? 
  • What’s special about your method? 
  • Why you? 

If you can get a clear and compelling message to the audience you want answering those questions you can create thriving business.


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