Don’t Keep This A Secret!

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Don’t Keep Yourself a Secret!

You’ve got a good product, a good service. You’re a good person. Yet, it’s not busy, you’re not full. What’s the story?

You have to get out there. Be public. Be seen. Be heard. You should be the advocate for health and fitness and wellness. When people think of those topics they should think of YOU. Not by title by name. Your name and your brand. It doesn’t matter if you work for a large company or for yourself. People buy you, they want to work with you, they want a message from you.

We don’t talk about Apple without thinking Steve Jobs and his strong message. Be that strong, that loud. People don’t have to agree with you all the time. They shouldn’t. You will never please all the people all the time. So if all people think about you is that you’re nice you very likely aren’t attracting many, leading many, or making a difference. Find your voice.

You need to go out and connect with audiences. If you can’t bare the thought of public speaking… find another employee and coach them. Make sure they know the close, open, middle construction. Make sure they know emotion and story not just facts and statistics. If someone else could give the same speech- it’s not going to get you ahead.

If it doesn’t solve a problem better than a Google search would …why give a speech. Next best…YouTube or Podcasts. You can still get a voice out and avoid live infliction of pain on yourself! You get to rehearse, retake and edit.

Then use that and ask people to share you and your message. If you’re not able to see steady growth in reach of social media…its possibly because you’re not seeing steady growth of the one-to-many model of speaking. Get out there.

And ask your friends on Facebook…ask your YouTube subscribers or viewers to share. Ask your email subscribers to share…and they will. There is a direct correlation with the growth of your lists with you asking for it to happen.

“If you know someone who would benefit from this information on..back pain prevention…thanks for your share!”

“We count on you to grow our community with like-minded wellness oriented people. Thanks for your share!”

Find a way to ask that is DIRECT. What you’ll find automated is just “SHARE:” and the buttons. It’s generic. It’s not a message from you.

ASK. And try moving it up to the top or inserting it in the middle of your email. It’s your real estate you can do that.


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