Don’t forget to dress for success

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One Quote That Needs No Explanation

“Half the trainers I see look like they just got out of bed or like they’re going to a stripper bar…”

Those were words used in the handbook for a business not to expect the best but to avoid the worst.

Trainers wear hats, visors, come from “just worked out,” to haven’t shaven yet or wear shirts too small to show off muscles or features,

too little make-up or too much make-up.

Depending on where you are and your environment tattoos and piercings may not offend and may fit right in with your clientele. If that’s not how your target market dresses and presents you may want to rethink it.

Err on the conservative side if you want to win the most votes. If you have a deep niche and celebrity status you can color outside the lines.

As a professional speaker the rule of thumb is always that what I wear should never distract from the message. That’s head to toe. A simple black suit with a bright shirt is safe. Shoes I can walk in and am not teetering in or distracted by myself are it. A bright suit with one bold statement at first view that soon fades to frame will do.

Anything that makes an audience member focus on the clothes instead of the message is a distraction.

The same is true for training. If you look like you just got out of bed, have a three day old beard, you’re holding a cup of coffee (it’s not a clip board you’re hugging to your chest but it’s offensive), if you’re eating in front of your clients, chewing gum, checking your phone…. these are all a part of your “uniform.”

They hurt you. If you’re the director, or owner, you’re setting the pace.

Groom as if this matters to you. To your client it does. They’ll never tell you to your face your appearance is sloppy – even if you ask. They’ll just leave – or be more impressed with someone whose getting it right. There is a lot of opportunity out there for a trainer who takes what they’re doing seriously!

You may think you’re doing well, it doesn’t matter. Yet, if you want to raise your rates, serve the smaller percent of the upper class it matters a great deal.

Here were the top offenses caught by fitness members 50+ (who are interested in training, want fitness, want help, and have more $):

  1. chewing gum
  2. playing with your phone
  3. not shaved (or showered)
  4. too tight of clothes
  5. looking around the room or at themselves in the mirror
  6. drinking coffee- anytime but especially in the morning as if they just got up
  7. eating while training a client
  8. holding a clipboard and counting reps
  9. yawning while training
  10. leaving weights on the rack after working with a client

And I’ll add two…trainers who have bad breath or wear too much perform/cologne are offensive

Your turn- what bothers you about our professional appearance as personal trainers? Any confessions?

I’ll add one of those too…. I have worn a visor inside while training after a swim workout of my own. It’s bad: hides my eyes, makes me less approachable and as if I didn’t allow enough time to get ready for my job.


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