It’s Not, “Do More,” Not Even in 2021

Think you need to do more?

So, 27 certifications later, you could be tired, out of cash, and still not have anyone really paying you for all of those “credentials.”

Have you gotten stuck in the certification, workshop hamster wheel? You just keep going around in circles. You’re taking training after training but then you don’t actually have the business model before you do? You don’t get that kind of training in most certifications. You get possibilities.

All the Things?

Here’s the thing: most successful 6 and higher figure fitness professionals do a few things really, really well. They don’t do all the things. You can’t make a business out of barre and yoga and boxing, and Pilates, and nutrition coaching.

Why Do More Doesn’t Work

You probably won’t make that 6 figures by serving everyone or even women of all ages. Sometime soon you won’t even be able to serve just women in menopause. You’ll need to serve women in menopause with arthritis or osteoporosis or who are endurance athletes.

Find the few things you do and the best way to find them is find your people. Decide who you serve. It’s not what you do it’s who you serve and what they tell you they struggle with. Even in a small rural area, you want to pick a niche. The world is now your platform. We’ve seen it in the last year if you didn’t believe it before that.

Narrow Your Niche

Some people would say, I don’t have that luxury of narrowing my niche because I’m in a small town. Not any more. And I don’t think ever. You can train everyone… but you’ll really just train your friends if you’re doing that, and the people they tell about you.

But if you want to be an expert, to create a system or method, and make it serve many more so you have a bigger influence, you choose your people. Narrow it down and serve then so well they don’t want anyone else.

Resources mentioned:

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8 thoughts on “It’s Not, “Do More,” Not Even in 2021”

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  2. Thank you Debra! Incredibly valuable information and lots of food for thought. Although I’ve created a few business plans for my pilates business, I’ve never drilled down to the level you explained. I’ll take a pause after this podcast to do the “homework” on imagining my ideal mid life client. Really helpful, thanks!

    1. Love hearing that! Especially if you’re looking forward to doing face-to-face again as vaccines roll out and confidence increases… there are so many ways to increase revenue and value and results beyond “seeing” your clients. Don’t miss the opportunity! You should be in the mastermind!!

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