How to Make 80K Working 3 Days a Week without a Digital Personal Training Business

Before I begin the interview that you don’t want to miss, I want to check in with you about how you’re doing. It’s a strange time. You may be flirting back and forth with both feelings of lack and feelings of abundant opportunity. There will be changes ahead for all of us, particularly all of us in the fitness industry.

For those personal trainers who have more than passion, who have tools, who have a plan, and who have a purpose they are committed to the future could be brighter than ever. That’s my belief. Never more than right now has health, wellness, and the exercise that HAS to be present for those to happen, been more important. The world is not only listening it is participating.

Without a Digital Personal Training Business?

So however small your own business or training practice was, you are in a perfect position to take control of your future and have an influence far greater than the one you may have imagined when you began this career path.

This podcast is brought to you by the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist certificate. The changes we’re observing right now in the world mean that those 46 million women in menopause right now are seeking solutions, online, and finding the experts that offer an answer to imbalanced hormones. If you know the formula for adjusting a woman’s exercise based on her signs, you have a business opportunity that not only changes her life, but the lives of the three generations she influences. Learn more about getting started at

And now I cannot wait to share my guest with you! He’s a bad boy and secretly I love that about him!

My Guest:

Stu Schaefer is the 20-year veteran trainer that other Personal Trainers use when they want to learn how to quickly and easily get clients and build their business so they never have to worry about money again.

At 13 he went to jail and was on the cusp of throwing his life away… but he overcame his struggle.

After earning a Full Ride to The Leeds School of Business, and becoming a bestselling author at 21, he spent the last 14 years helping thousands of trainer go from ordinary to extraordinary… and create their dream business!

His work is so successful he has appeared on FOX, NBC The CW, and radio programs across the country.

Questions we answer in this podcast:

  • Why do most trainers fail?
  • After seeing the effects of COVID-19 is online training the only way to go?
  • What is it that you teach trainers that is so different and unique?
  • What is the first thing a beginner trainer should do if they want to be successful?
  • What’s the most important thing a seasoned trainer can do to grow their business?
  • Can this be done without a digital personal training business even after COVID19?

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