Dial Up Your Social Media

If you’re using Facebook and Twitter to communicate already, good for you! Dial it up a bit. Set up a schedule for every Tuesday the rest of the month and post and tweet with a reason to call you right away to take advantage of a special.

Your options are endless…

…a $25 off a single session to try it out.

…a complimentary session – for something specific, potentially…for yoga postures, for Pilates, for three common free weight exercises for partner training.

…a nutritional consultation with every new package purchased on Tuesdays

You get the idea. Give them a reason to contact you today. Call to action. A sense of urgency. They’ve been thinking about it anyway, if you give them the small nudge they’ll decide to find out what its about. Then you both win!

IF you for some reason have not arrived in this millenium yet and are not using social media to help your business, use this as your kick-in-the-pants to start! It is your newspaper of 20 years ago. It’s what get results, for less.

Groupon or Social Living are two other options, but aren’t last minute ideas, they take time to schedule and you may be at the mercy of someone else as far as when you place them. You run an incredible ad for a low rate, you get paid half the amount and then have the opportunity to convert those people who do take advantage. They’ve admitted that they want to do it, but value was in the way, and in some cases it was just timing. One couple who responded in our Groupon membership promotion is retired, wanted to talk immediately about personal training on a regular basis one or two times a week for both of them. That alone will be worth all the complimentary sessions  we’ve done for Groupon members …times 20!

In fact, we’re a full service club, membership revenues are #1 rev source. We also do personal training, tennis, massage, and then tanning and childcare. We made the offer for a short term membership and offered a complimentary personal training session with it. Interested Groupon holders had to act on the complimentary session, so that we knew they were interested in receiving it. Therefore, we qualified them as good prospects.

We’ve had only a handful actually participate in redeeming their Groupon so far. Those that have showed great interest and we’ve made 50% conversion from them. When you think about these being people we weren’t reaching otherwise- this is a big deal!

Other ways to dial up your social media. If you’re not…

at least email all your customers regularly …with a purpose…inform them of something important they want to know…offer a special….provide a customer appreciation event…

get an email newsletter with a professional appearance…

…get on facebook and twitter and use them to tie to all of your specials and give a reason to call today!

…make it fun! People like to socialize…you should too!


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