Developing Value-rich Content to Attract New Clients

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You shared a list of books, new products on the market, and made your recommendations for gift giving?

You’re not done! Now take that and develop a new one day nutrition bootcamp, a clinic, or a four week workshop using the content. Create an outline, list objectives (that the participants will…identify, experience, learn, practice, apply…a verb!), and then add interactive ways to engage and stories you’ll tell for each point. You have a new service and if your book review was of interest, package the option of adding the book or buying the workshop service without for those who ran out and followed your advice.

Don’t get constipated about your resources. Unless it’s text-book style writing, your client might want to read it too. Always share. They still don’t have the educational background or experience you have to interpret the science- but some of us- I’m one…don’t want to take your word for it…we do want to read it ourselves and then ask more questions about why. If you interpret another author’s writing or research, give them credit and share the information. You should be adding MORE to the content- not just telling a so-and so-says ….because I’m going to want to go and see or read so-and so  and say by-by to you!

Get started:

Pick a book.

Write an outline of key points from the book you found interesting and valuable to share.

Write a list of objectives for a workshop.

Determine if you have enough content for one hour, one day, four sessions over four weeks, etc.

Flesh out your session time with outlines that cover each 10 minute segment.

Add stories, and interactive events during each session- think at least once every 15 minutes that you’re going to get me paying attention. Make me feel during a story, make me respond with questions, make me write, sample a new food, wear a blind fold, partner with someone else in the group, etc.

Now schedule it for 4-6 weeks out- still time for January and New Year’s Resolutions if you hurry!!! Get on the marketing autobahn and start enrolling now!



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