How To Delegate Hourly Work and Do The Right Stuff in Your Personal Training Business

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Are You Spending Salaried, Commissioned Time Doing Hourly Work?

If you’re in management or you’re the solo entrepreneur wearing all hats you have to choose. We all know that there are too few hours in the day by design. It should be no surprise any more but it seems still to catch us with too much more to do at the end of each day.

If you want to do the proverbial, “take it to the next level” you have to change the way you spend your time.

You training one client moves to you training two or a small group or you training a small group of trainers who train groups.

You scale your business when you do that.

You can be known as a Strength Coach. Or you can be known as a builder of a strong team of strength coaches.

In one instance you help your clients and you have a title. In the other you help a group of professionals who help a group of customers. You have the opportunity to make a bigger change.

If you have a system but only you use it it is limited.

When you see yourself as the coach to coaches you move to a new strategy.

Let’s come back to how you spend your time. When you take precious time and spend it counting hours or doing payroll that is a task that could be taught to someone else or automated requiring you to simply check it over, you free time and energy both.

If you’re doing something that requires little education or creativity and experience yet you have all, it’s time to let that go. You should not be folding towels if you have a message to share with the world.

You should not be counting sessions or billing when programs have been designed to do that or an hourly employee can be trained and trusted with that job.

What do you lose? If you don’t spend time developing a program that has a value of $1000 and a staff of 20 trainers and sales staff (or even just you) could be selling 5 or 50 of them a  month… that’s $5K or $50K per month.

If you create a program, a presentation that attracts new leads, new customers for a membership based program or a recurring personal training payment, your time may not immediately give you the gratification of $50 an hour. It will instead have the potential to give you the $5K a day.

Don’t build your business based on you doing everything yourself. If only you can do payroll or only you can write or speak, that should be a for-right-now while I’m actively training someone or looking to outsource this status.

Sustainability is a buzz word right now. I’m not talking about organic cotton, crops or bamboo. You building a sustainable business means that your soil will continue to give you better crops over the years. If you limit yourself with your time and how you spend it, you’ll limit what could be a much larger success for you and the people you reach.

The first and fastest things to take off of your list:

  • cleaning
  • payroll
  • scheduling
  • working one-to-one with anyone but the top 4% of the population willing to pay you 4 figures an hour
  • branding activities that don’t have a direct tie to a business model tied to steady revenue streams

The things that should be there:


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