Defining Your Strengths

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Unlike body work; where we need to create a good balance often by focusing on our weak links and stretching what’s tight while strengthening the long and weak; in business that’s not always a good idea.

You do need to create a balance, but it doesn’t always have to be you. Decide what and where you should delegate to someone else who has a strength in an area that you do not.

Be clear that because someone enjoys something doesn’t automatically mean they are good at it. It can mean that they will practice more regularly and become better at it over time because they enjoy it, but unless they know the right things to practice they’ll just get more proficient at the same skill level. You have seen people do the same workout for years and not get any more fit, right?

List the tasks and responsibilities that have to be done in your business.

Sort them by the ones you are good at, doing well, have time to do and the ones that you aren’t so good at, need a more efficient system for, or need more skills to perform better.

Determine how important each task is to the overall message of your business. If it’s dealing with customers, ultimately proofing ad copy for instance should fall on you. Designing it however might not be something you are good at or can do without an expert’s input.

Determine if you need to talk or message each new client in your business. And how? Do you need to shake their hand, assess every one? Do you need to send them a special email welcome, or a note in the mail? Do you need to be the one to match them with a perfect member of your staff to train them? Do you need to do the accounting? Manage the payroll? Just approve it when it’s done? Do you need to determine budget for equipment and expenses?

Do you need to write a newsletter? A blog? Design a better web presence? Update your social media sites more regularly? Photograph and video your events to post?

What part of those things can be done by someone else?

What part of those do you want to do but need better skills to do them?

Where is your valuable time best spent?

When you can answer those questions and get a game plan, you’ll feel better about the path your business is on and be more productive every day. If you’re just busy, without something to show for it, rethink and retool.

At the end of the day for many trainers what matters is how many sessions they’ve conducted; how many new clients they’ve booked for upcoming days and weeks; how many new packages were sold.

The parts of marketing, servicing, selling that have to happen in each of those situations is important to the business success. But everyone of those is not necessarily best done by you.

If you’re nervous about delegating, hiring for the first time, try it on a temporary basis. Incentive-ize the person who does it so they are tied to the success too. In the short run, yes a little expense, in the long run though, more volume and more done while you enjoy the process may be a worthwhile payoff.

Working solo or in a big club, these steps are the same!


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