Debate the Personal Training Sale

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Start doing your research! Find facts, quotes, anecdotes and identify how they support your message.


Facts – Do your homework. If you use a percentage or statistic, know where it came from- the original source; not a Livestrong or article by someone else giving their interpretation of it but primary research. What you’re saying when you do that is “somebody said” that somebody else’s research was good, and here’s how they interpreted it; I just stumbled upon the article.


Quotes- Winston Churchill is well known but a testimonial by a woman the same age and condition as me not long ago, who is in the same country club or the same Chamber of Commerce, or my physician might make a bigger impression and be more personal.


Anecdotes – paint a picture and draw an analogy. I heard one of our trainers this week talking to a prospect about the value of multiple sessions as she was trying to justify just one at a time once in a while to check in. He asked her if that approach ever worked while she was in school. Had she gone to class once and then missed for a couple weeks but still kept up on her own and done well in the class? Well no that didn’t make sense to her at all and of course she did not do that. She couldn’t say not.


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