Customers Like Coupons

Let them clip!!

In your next ad, email blast or newsletter, provide three different coupon options that result in a something-something-for-everyone approach.

Position one as a low cost, low risk way to get a prospect to come in to see you.  You can get them excited and enthused and dreaming about goals and how they’ll feel. You’ll be so contagious and full of information that they want that making this one offer hard to pass up will be well worth it! The people who call on this offer are admitting they need help; they’ve been thinking about it; and money has been the issue. Once you show them the value of training, it’s almost never the money. You can find something for every budget in your services can’t you?

Position one as a “save $specific dollar amount.” If you save for instance $100 off a package of 10 sessions, determine if that’s doable for your commission base. Is $10 less per your first 10 sessions worth the chance to give someone new a great experience, get them to continue training with you because they love the way they feel with you, and realize they are just now seeing and feeling results they won’t get on their own? Is it worth the word-of-mouth referrals you’ll get from them when they tell three friends or want their spouse to train with you too?

Position one coupon as a value-added extra. This way you’re not necessarily giving something away or reducing the value of your training. If you already have consumer products you sell for instance, include them in the package. e.g. a t-shirt, a water bottle, a fuelbook/cookbook, a fitness log or workbook, etc. Or include attendance at an ongoing program…such as a weekly nutrition coaching call or a one day a week functional bootcamp exercises…you get the idea. The added extra would be something that doesn’t cost you additional money to have them participate because you’re already generating revenue from it and you just gain more participation.

A prospect might take a step-by-step approach and use the first low cost coupon (e.g. $25 first assessment; regularly $49) and then decide to use one or the other of the two coupons when they consult with you about what to do next. Once you test them and point out what they should do they’ll come to the conclusion in most cases that they like you, could learn from you, and that what you’re suggesting they do they just aren’t quite sure how to on their own.

Do put a disclaimer on the bottom of each coupon stating the expiration date: two weeks out from date you set them out is plenty of time.

Do add a disclaimer about the use of one coupon at a time such as  ‘not to be used in combination with other discounts or coupons’ or ‘one coupon per purchase per customer.’

Consider whether you want to make this option available for new clients only, in order to serve as your call-to-action to get new people involved without reducing your income on current clients.

When they call, make it easy. Sell it over the phone. Consider a “bank it to book it” policy. If they know what they want, collect their money including discount over the phone to “allow me to save that spot for you.”

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