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Don’t waste this crisis. What on earth could I be talking about. Yes, this Debra and you’re listening to the Voice for Fitness Professionals’ podcast and I have not lost my mind but we have lost the way we’ve done business.

It’s gone. And yet now, if you are still trying to figure out a way to take your personal training business digitally… meaning, you’re still meeting with one client at a time you’re still delivering one on one sessions. In fact, you’re creating a session that they’ll use over and over and over again. You really got to take a look at that.

Keep Your Crisis Assets

And you own that property, too. You should be using it and you should be losing their name, so that you edit those videos, so that is for anyone who has the same problem as they do the same problem that you’re working on tackling with that particular client, could be then in your vault and used for somebody else or something else.

Immediately, you could use it as a teaser. You edit that video down on your phone. Simply, or even in iMovie, again, on your phone or on your other device that you now have marketing and or something a tool that you can use on marketing because let’s face it marketing is the place that you publish.

The message, your message is what’s important.

And that’s what we’re going to spend the rest of this podcast, talking about what’s your message. Do you really know what it is? Because right now, it cannot be the same as it was in January or February of, 2020. You have to address now and you have to predict the future. You have to figure out a way to use a message that gets across.

What we want to say and what is it that we all want to say right now, as trainers and health coaches: Exercise is required in order to be healthy and have a strong immune system.

What they Need vs What they Want

It requires exercise right now. This alone is not a good message. But this is the underlying underskirt of the message. So, now you’ve got to figure out what was your message before. Look at that. And then know that’s just isn’t going to work. You know, if you were using some esoteric tagline? Things are much more real than the last 2 pounds 3 ounces someone can’t lose.

In January of 2020 even if you were using something like “you can’t outrun a bad diet.” Right now during the crisis, that is just so trite, it’s not going to work. Right now, people may care about their belly fat. They may care about the extra weight in the middle but you can’t make light of it.

Weight Loss During a Crisis?

You really need to get with a message that isolates the important the quarantine 15 is a health risk. More than anything, right? So it’s certainly not doing wonders for your sleep, potentially or your sleep apnea, or your energy level, or your confidence, or on and on. Right. But what you’re looking for is something that is short and sweet. And if you’re not used to telling stories with your messages You’ve got to get good at that right now. Because the only way to really relate to someone, right now, is to talk in stories to tell stories that connect you to them. These stories are not about you. These stories are about them. Your customers.

But these are not testimonials.

You need an emotional grab. What do we all want right now? What do we need? Well, we miss our families. And I don’t mean our immediate families, if you’re at home and your mom or dad and your, your kids are at home and they’re, they’ve been home from school, you know you’re not missing them you kind of wish them maybe they could go to camp, but you may be missing an extended family.

You may not have been able to see that new baby born during COVID. You may be missing someone who’s ready to pass. You may be missing someone who you know you know isn’t on their deathbed, but you have a limited number of years. And it could be today, it could be tomorrow. You may be missing your adult children and your grandchildren. During the crisis we’re all missing something. Tap into what it is for your market.

Find Common Denominators the Crisis has Made True

All of those things are true for all of us, and potentially, people are being reminded right now, of what is truly important. They’re doing some rearranging in their mind about what they want and what will be true for them, potentially in the future. But none of their hopes, their dreams, or wishes, and none of the skills and talents and uniqueness that is them will get to reveal itself or play out without health and exercise is a key part of that a client of mine, and you’re welcome to use this once said to me, truly out of the blue.

And I couldn’t have asked for a better testimonial. I don’t know how I would ever have prompted her to say this with a good strategic question, but what she said. After her having had cancer. After having had blood sugar issues. After having had multiple injuries from falls. She said, no matter what the question is, the answer is exercise.

That’s an example of a good story

set in very few words that gets the message across. You might want to get a little bit more strategic with that. Starting to preface it with during COVID we all have lot of questions.

Some of those questions go unanswered.

For now, but we can find the answers to some questions that will help us have the resilience to search and find the answers to others. And then you drop it in. No matter what the question. The answer is exercise.

That’s your lead tagline. What tagline, were you using. It was esoteric, then it’s more than esoteric now and you’ve got to get rid of it.

Something relevant right now has got to be your new message. You need to talk about it. You need your customers to understand it to get it to talk about it, so that every time you meet with them. They can repeat and reveal that to you. You’re more than welcome to use that.

You can use it as long as you put your original self into it. You can’t simply plagiarize somebody else’s message and hope that you know if hundreds of other trainers, use that exact same message, who were listening today, you’ll get more business.

How on earth, can you expect that that would ever happen?

And then you’ve got to take a good look at once you get that message across. Which marketing channels will you be using your email your social media platforms. And in the next podcast. I’m going to talk about funnels. If you haven’t got one. I’m going to offer you a 90-minute session to look at your funnels so that you can make money right now. you can start making money.

You can make money during the crisis


This week, but you can’t do that randomly saying hello to somebody on social media and saying, You need exercise. Here’s what I have to sell you can buy. That just doesn’t work. If it ever did, you were really really lucky and lazy. And it also doesn’t work if you work for a fitness center that serves all kinds of audiences from young to adolescence to want to be athletes to college students to young moms and dads to midlife women to older adults.

They don’t all need the same message so if you’re emailing all of them. And basically putting spam in their inbox, because of those market, potentially, there’s five or six different people receiving that one event where there might be one small thing in it that pertains to them. Right now, you can’t sell personal training. You can’t sell packages. And you can’t sell EFT and be talking about the options to pay as something sexy, or now you have to talk about the benefit. And you have to talk about something that’s a lot lower ticket price. And you’ve been offering, in order for it to make sense to the customers that you’re talking to.

Now, people who are prospects right now may never even have been your customer before. There are a lot of people right there even in your geographic location, who stopped going to the gym. It may be helpful healthy.

I’m 56 I’ve done eight Ironman I did one last November, I’m extremely healthy, and I quit. I just don’t need to be there. I don’t need to be there. I didn’t want to be there not wearing a mask and I certainly don’t want to be there wearing a mask, when and if they stop mandatory masks. And as I went in last time the first and only time, since it started and saw 99% of the members standing side by side, side by side on equipment nope no equipment marked off is kind of us.

No one had a mask on the staff, when I walked in had masks on and they were six feet apart. No one else did. You don’t know what you’re getting into. But many, many of the people that you’re reaching or could reach, whether they have the lungs of somebody else or not, are free and loose. They are rolling around waiting. Like little marbles to drop into the right hole.

And it could be you.

So, personal trainer if you don’t want to waste this crisis, please take advantage of the opportunity. There are potentially more people available, but not for you to sell the old thing that you can sell your business model, or while potential for a long while, won’t be based on a beautiful facility and terms of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, your business really always was about the people in your business on both sides. Your customers, and you are your employees.

So, if you haven’t trained them well, Now’s the time to get started. Make sure they are able to be soldiers with a message. The message that you need to get out there right now. You have this crisis, this opportunity to do something different and make changes in your life and others.

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