Creating a Fitness Niche

Know who you want to serve and why!!

Why are you really interested in the personal training business? What’s important to you about that? And what’s important to you about that? Keep going with that line of questions for yourself until you really can get to the reason why its the answer you can say with honesty and conviction. Know you’re committed. When you know you, you can get to know your customer better.

In the previous blog I mentioned what a market share there is yet to be tapped by someone who can get the really inactive and unconditioned making healthier choices with activity, nutrition and wellness practices. I do believe that’s part of our legacy as fitness professionals, to share our passion with those hardest to reach people. Make sure that you stay focused on your marketing efforts however.

You don’t want to expand your reach to an ever-growing population and end up catching fewer people in your net. You want your focused message to speak loud and clear to a specific population and draw them to your services and products. Keep fewer customers happier and be the best at doing it can be more profitable and fun for you than trying to keep everyone happy. So the question is, what do you do best? What do you do better than anyone else does it? Or what are you willing to research, study, practice until you are the absolutely best and have a reputation for being “it” for that?

You might decide that your niche is the unconditioned, overweight population. You might decide it’s fitness enthusiasts who love a variety of group training options and also private and partner training options to add variety and zone in on their individual needs and goals. Maybe you’re the post-rehab trainer that physical therapists recommend to their clients and that your clients refer to their friends.

There is no wrong answer. There might be multiple answers. They should each be clear. If you split your focus among multiples you may have to settle for a little less return on your marketing efforts.

ACTION STEPS: Answer the questions! Why do you want to be a trainer? and what’s important about it to you? Until it hits some emotional cord for you, keep going with your Q and A!  What do you do better than anyone else (or what are you willing to become the best at)?

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