How Do you Create an Intimate Community with a diverse clientele?

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Got Groups?

One of the best uses of Facebook is segmentation of your customers. Facebook pages are great collectively but Facebook groups are the best way to provide only the information that your specific segments want to them without having to find your items in a timeline or go to your page on purpose.

A group is an intimate way for you to connect.

A group is a way for you to organize your content easily.

A group is a way to announce events and special meetings, happenings and juicy stories.

A group like your Facebook page collectively is not a good place to advertise your programs though flyers. There is paid adverising where you can target audiences for that purpose.

Facebook visitors are there to meet and greet friends. They want to laugh, catch up, be cool, share information. They don’t come to be sold. That’s why you have a website and a cash register.

There is a way to make money from Facebook. That way is not to offer programs and services for sale on your page. That is a sure way to guarantee you’ll have fewer likes, shares, and comments. From that you’ll be shown to fewer people.

Get Groups. Get organized and targeted.


P.S. Consider how many groups you’re in. Aren’t you guaranteed special information exclusive to that group because of it?

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