Create Customer Ease and Lower Your Liability

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Customer Service is King with Waivers

I recently worked with a coaching client who relayed her interaction with a trainer from a health club. The trainer had done an assessment for her within the last couple years. When the client went back and asked for the records the trainer reported that she’d “cleaned out the files.”

So the client ended up having to purchase the service again. As a 60 something client who had been exercising for decades there was little chance this woman would have a different set of heart rates but even so, she had no comparison of last time to this time for measurements, body composition, muscle imbalances, etc.

Truthfully, the trainer may not have kept the customer’s records. But whose to know?

There are so many instances where you might be working multiple locations with a customer, a customer might be working with a massage therapist and a trainer… that having a one unique and complete waiver and record system online would be time (and space and paperwork) saving.

WaiverKing saves a lot of headaches, time standing or sitting during a session/consultation filling out paperwork and prevents the “loss” of client materials.

If you use Mindbody Online WaiverKing integrates seamlessly.

My Experience

I found out about WaiverKing purely by accident. But am a believer and recommend it for my consulting clients. I have no association with  WaiverKing and don’t receive compensation for recommending. It’s just the right thing to do. If you’re still operating by paper in 2015? You’re thinking small and you’ll be small.

The excuses I hear, “I prefer the personal touch” leave me LMAO. No offense, but that is code for “I don’t want to change. This will be hard. I’m too busy and I don’t have anyone I trust trained to help.”

So, customers and trainers suffer.

It’s OK, though. There’s a lot of other places for them to go.


Try it. Mind body has space within client profiles to add files, notes and save information. Are you using it?

That’s OK… there’s other fitness trainers that do.


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