Create a Personal Training Program and… Crickets?

Have you created a program and announced its for sale to the sound of crickets?

It happens. It’s all in how to package it, price it, position it. Don’t miss this next Voice for Fitness Professional’s podcast interview with Stu Schaefer.

Stu Schaefer is the 20-year veteran trainer that other Personal Trainers use when they want to learn how to quickly and easily get clients and build their business so they never have to worry about money again.

At 13 he went to jail and was on the cusp of throwing his life away… but he overcame his struggle.

After earning a Full Ride to The Leeds School of Business, and becoming a bestselling author at 21, he spent the last 14 years helping thousands of trainer go from ordinary to extraordinary… and create their dream business!

His work is so successful he has appeared on FOX, NBC The CW, and radio programs across the country.

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