How To Craft an Offer They Can’t Refuse

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If You Have Plenty of Traffic, Do They Want What You’re Selling?

Traffic is easy.

You can buy as much traffic as you want. Online, offline, and direct marketing is available every where you turn. For pennies per lead.

But if you can buy traffic easily then why aren’t you full and able to raise rates and charge what you’re worth?

Why are you training constantly and starting early and going late? Still?

If that’s you the answer may be in your offer.

If you’re offering the same programs as yesterday or last year or half a decade ago, you’re selling to the consumer that isn’t in yesterday any more. She or he is smarter, more fitness savvy, and has more options.

Your best laid plans of yesterday are not going to fill today. More special, more niche, more service is required now and in the future.

The customer doesn’t want your certifications, your # of times a week, or your free water bottle. They want transformation in a 2016 service at their convenience that solves their problems.

What’s your best-selling program?

How long have you had it?

What’s capacity?

What’s reality?

What three things could you do to close the gap on your capacity and reality?

If you’re not sure, keep watching blogs in the upcoming days. This is the month that you want to get this one right.

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