Corona Virus Mayhem: Which Fitness Trainers Are Thriving?

Fitness Trainers Thriving in Corona Virus Mayhem

It’s scary. Clients cancelled. Gyms closed. Universities are going online – some until 2021 at least. So no one knows how long this corona virus scare will last.

Yet if we all do our part, stay home, distance now, we can shorten the life of this thing and give hospitals and healthcare a fighting chance. Much better that this be a few weeks than months. I encourage you to do your part.

I also empathize with what you’re experiencing right now. So in this moment that feels out of control and unstable without a predictable future, make a plan. You can offer your expertise, tap into your education, and serve your community. 

When the world needs leaders most, leaders emerge. This is why you’re here.

Those trainers and coaches who can pivot and show up for clients and customers may not just survive, but thrive during this corona virus chaos. In fact, if you work for a corporation, or a business that can’t pivot quickly, that has too little foresight or leadership, or too many politics to go through, as a solo trainer you can contribute on a big scale a much-needed positive message.

You can turn on your phone right now and reach millions. You may not do it the first time out. But you can do it. You have to start somewhere. Start by giving some small pieces of advice. Give short workouts. Ask your clients or members to share by tagging friend. Ask them to help build community with those who are staying #coronastrong.

Let Them Guide You

Ask your community what they need right now. Show up. Don’t go quiet. Avoid contributing to junk news that isn’t helpful. Be fresh. Show up for your audience when they don’t otherwise have something positive to share.

Right now people are hungry for human connection. You have it, live on social media and you can interact live with them on other channels too. Special webinars or use of platforms like Zoom that let them see others can be helpful for you.

Collaborate with other fitness businesses. Host local medical and health authorities to share tips for your older clients or those with compromised immune systems. Do an interview with your local grocers.

If you’re online, you can still interview experts in the health field no matter where you are. Avoid the empty projections of how long this will last. Give day-to-day how to make choices and cook a healthy dinner, avoid stress. Show yourself cooking a simple meal. Have your program director show how she’s keeping the kids active and engaged while at home.

People want to see you dealing with the same thing they are and feel connected. Even if you don’t have all the answers, go on and connect. Email with video clips. Send people links to the social media platforms where you will do workouts or the link to the workouts you have done.

Was It Going to Happen Anyway?

What may happen here in a very short amount of time could reflect what was going to happen over time anyway. Just brick-and-mortar shops can’t match the convenience demanded. Online pros are opening physical spaces too. Could the corona virus just have accelerated the inevitable? What are your thoughts?

So if you haven’t heeded advice to combine online with your offline business, you may be left behind.

What will happen if your members and clients get free access to those serving them online with home exercise options and they like them? Better?

Sure some want the experience of the live experience, the environment without distractions, community, and social stimulation. But convenience and solving a time stress problem everyone has today could change the fitness scene forever.

Thriving in Corona Virus Mayhem

I predict apps will do well during the corona virus era. Trainers who can communicate, articulate, and build rapport will win – as they should. While those who simply love to workout themselves, and have never been best at developing relationships will suffer.

If you’ve been afraid to bring your personal story, your personality to work, now is the time to change that.

It doesn’t matter much what age you cater too. Only the oldest of the old have limited technology skills. Every baby boomer has a cell phone. They can use an app or login to your membership site. They’re now 75. There may be a limited number who are not tech savvy. But if you’re tech is user-friendly it shouldn’t be a problem.

Right now, your members and clients need to hear from you.

Exercise is one of the uplifting things they’ve got to focus on. It not only helps the immune system but it decreases anxiety and depression and distracts in a much more positive way than Netflix and chips.

Feel free to comment on what you’re doing for your clients and customers. Collaboration is the name of the game right now. Givers will win. Selfish, concern about who will win with your great idea will hurt you. Success breeds success. It takes a village.

You and I know that if more people observed good health habits all the time we’d be less at risk for this type of pandemic chaos. But it is a wake-up call. It may be a pivotal point not just for your business but for the public awareness of good habits.

Reach out if you have a unique perspective and you’d like to do a podcast in the next week or so. If you’ve got solutions or you’ve got concerns, let’s dive into them and communicate with our fitness business community.


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