What You Need to Do To Convert Email to Fitness Sales

First let me tell you what’s not working.

Promotion, promotion, promotion.

If you’re making any of these 5 Biggest Mistakes with email marketing your open rates are probably around 17-18% and click throughs are about 1-2, maybe 3%. Am I close?

They aren’t trusting you. Less than 1/5 of your audience is opening and how many is 1-3% for you?

If they are all the right customer, maybe enough. But do you know if they buy?

Are you putting a Facebook pixel on the web page? Are you retargeting them if they land on the web page you send them to and then marketing to them if they haven’t landed on a thank you page?

Or are you sending them directly to a cart and checkout?

If they haven’t gotten to your nurture emails because they’ve gone through a funnel just for them, there’s a problem with simply announcing promo, promo, promo. They aren’t interested. At least you don’t know that they are. You haven’t created a relationship with them and you don’t certainly do it by sending them to an opportunity to buy every time you email.

Look for these in an email audit and see if you can find

Mistakes That Lose Sales and Subscribers

Email everyone on your “list” every time.

It’s pretty impossible to create a relationship with someone unique if you’re talking to all ages, both genders, and a wide range of ability levels and interests on the same email. Can’t be done except in a few very rare cases. Sure, everyone has mindset challenges and goal setting but even that to different niches requires different messaging. You can’t be in the mind of both 60-something retiree and a 22 year old girl.

Email only about promotions

If every email you send is about what your subscribers can buy and nothing is ever about what you give by having the privilege of sending, you soon won’t have the sending privilege.

I know how tempting this is! We all do! But there is a way to make an offer to take a next step without actually make a “pitch fest” directly to a shopping cart. How much do you like it when you go to a conference where every single person on stage is selling? If you’ve been lucky enough not to attend one, lucky you.

Expect that a subscriber will open an email click on a program that is in a shopping cart and check out.

That is pretty abrupt. Would you just open an email from someone new and decide to take a risk with $100 or more dollars? Consumers today are more skeptical, not less, and unless you’ve created a trail of breadcrumbs from what they want to you having the answer that’s a reach and with such an abrupt offer they aren’t likely to be back to hear much else you have to say.

Make your customer do all the work.

Expect that a subscriber will open an email and click on half a dozen or more programs and decide for themselves which one is right and buy immediately without any further information or education about why they need it, who its for, who it’s not for, or any tie to their emotions.

Treat a subscriber just like a social media fan or stranger.

You’re sharing information that’s on your website and on your social media that isn’t “special.” So there is zero reason for them to have an annoying additional inbox space taken up reminding them they’ll never be “done” checking emails.

If you are stuck or lost writing copy (not fluffy articles) that convert to sales, and how to set up a series of emails that walks a customer into love with you, connect with me for an audit of your first to last contact with customers. It’s fixable. If you’ve got good programs, you know you can help people, and yet you’re not full and they aren’t getting the message of how you can help, it’s time to clear the message and get results. From content marketing, email


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