Constipated Fitness Professional? Been there done that and what to do about it.

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What’s Got You All Bound Up?

I’ve been there. I may in fact be there right now. I told my number one confidant not long ago that I wasn’t sure that I didn’t sign up for an Ironman while writing a book to have an excuse when neither went as well as I’d like.

Clever, right? I’ve got a get-out-of-jail-card for both. Why isn’t the writing coming as fast as it could be? Well, I’ve got this training to do. Why isn’t the training going well (that’s politically correct for it sucks actually right now! and I’m at 5 weeks: this, is not good)? Well, I’ve got this book.

And of course I can defend it to the nines. I write best between 4:30am and 9am. Guess what time you should be training to beat the heat and simulate race day? Yup. Problem. I can’t turn on creativity like a faucet at 11am and start writing. I also can’t start running in the mid-day heat. Well, I can but it sucks… proof in Wednesday’s run.

There’s more. There are a ton of ways we get in our own way. Let’s say you have a coach… and then you sign up for another program and another. You’re in learning constipation. You need the new certification, right? You need the Master’s Degree, right? You need the course for learning to market on Facebook?

The answer to any of those is potentially, yes, absolutely. But what we forget is that those things are LEARNING. Without IMPLEMENTATION nothing is going to happen.

You are not going to be “the” best trainer for older adults because you have a new older adult certification. Unless you implement a program and a marketing campaign that’s effective in your market and region you’re just the best kept secret.

You’re not going to be a better director because you take a certification. You haven’t learned to teach, education, spot what gaps there are in demand and service, or communicate to employees up and down the chain of command.

You’re not going to be a great marketer because you’ve become the “marketing director” or the social media manager. You just got a title. Do you have the knowledge, the numbers and the track record to make it work or prove it has?

A trainers says “have you got any clients for me?”  As a director or owner I would run, Forest, run. That trainer has no intention of marketing, selling and promoting himself. Hand me what you have and I’ll take what lands in my lap. But can’t you do better than the percent you’re offering me? Run faster, Forest.

Implementing a system and time spent doing the things that grow your business don’t always give you a return on your investment IMMEDIATELY. So you get constipated in getting an ego fix with a new client and a new pat on the back for the new contract. But you’re still constipated in the same spot.

If you don’t step away from the gerbil on the treadmill motions…. don’t prioritize somethings and DROP others… temporarily going backwards to go forwards you will remain…constipated with potential.

Look at your own position. From last year to this year, from even six months ago have you grown your revenue? Grown your revenue streams? Do you have a better way to increase the amount of money you’re making without increasing the number of hours your working?

My guess is and my experience with consulting with trainers and programs is that you want more money and more time and more freedom.

That’s going to take some change in your daily habit diet.

Beware of increasing what you know so much that you think you’re worth more.

Without marketing, selling and gaining clients and creative application of the learning, nothing will change except the expense of your vast knowledge base.

Stop signing up for programs. You’ll save money time and energy. Start today as if you signed up and spend the 3-5 hours a week implementing the ONE change at a time that will have the greatest impact on you.

None of us is immune. I only know about this to share because I’ve got it too. You’ll catch it again from time to time. But maybe less. I hope so.



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