Connect the Dots

You love to work with people! You love to share the effects of a fit and healthy lifestyle with them! And you love to make your living doing it!

Chances are that you are already connected to so many people that you’re not tapping into as leads for your business. The only thing standing in your way is you. Common stinking thinking by trainers:

1.) they already know I’m a trainer so they’ll ask me if they have a question

2.) I don’t want to bother them or be a pest so I’m not going to ask them for business

3.) they’re probably getting all the results they want from exercise so that’s why they aren’t asking me

4.) they already know about all the services I offer

Don’t assume any of the above are true! People are too busy with their own lives, and kids lives, and work and home and keeping up with bill paying and traveling plans and social life to be able to concentrate on everything that you are doing! Even your best friends aren’t aware of all the services you offer! Just ask them if they know…you have youth camps, you offer nutrition consultation, make it possible for families to share packages, have partner training, etc. The majority of those services have probably gone in one ear and out the other.

They may be thinking that YOU would ask them or offer to help with the right package if you wanted their business. And no one is getting 100% of the results that they want and if they are, that is fluid, either a need for variety will erupt or they’ll stop seeing results!

Everyone that you need to know, you probably already do, or at the most they are five people away.

Ask your friends if they are ready to examine their exercise program with you. (or a trainer who works for you if you’d rather not cross boundaries)

Ask if they know someone who could benefit from an exercise program and would appreciate the help in getting started.

Suggest that your friends consider their doctor, their dentist, their babysitter, or lawyer as potential leads. Any of these people in our lives can be a lead themselves or a  source of leads. Would they like to advertise a special to your membership in your e-letter, while allowing you to do the same in their business? Would they want to give a coupon to each of their customers during the month of July for a service in your club. It might mean that  you offer it to them first free of charge to allow them to sample it. Yet well worth the hour of time in exchange for the advertising.

Get started:

Make a list of the friends and contacts you already have!

Let them know you’d like to sit down and review their exercise program and find out if there is a way you can help them determine if they are doing what they should be for optimal results.

When you finish with your session and you’ve delivered an amazing experience, ask if this was valuable. Ask for the sale! Suggest to them what would make the most sense based on where they are and where they want to be. Then ask each person you meet with to give you two or three names of people who they know would also find this valuable. In exchange for their information offer them a small gift or prize. A cookbook, a water bottle or cap/visor, etc. Or perhaps a registration for a special event you’re having anyway.

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