4 Common Fitness Recommendations I Wish Would Go Away

Making fitness recommendations on social media or your “newsletter”? Are you meeting with clients and giving them some tips on how to improve their health? 

For fitness and health coaches working with individuals, it’s time we do them justice! These fitness recommendations need a tune up.

First, let’s acknowledge this: there are all kinds of health coaches. Some are board-certified functional health coaches that have a significant depth of study, knowledge, understanding what questions to ask and what answers reveal. 

Then there are health coaches that are certified by organizations that have required little more than reading a text or viewing training videos online, taking a test when ready and receiving a passing grade of 75% or more. (I always wonder about that 25% of comprehension, don’t you?) 

Then, there are health coaches that have adopted the title without diving into training of health coaching, how to answer questions. They may also be giving advice as a fitness or nutrition professional, and not actually coaching. There’s a distinction between the two. For more information on a CEU course coming up, stay tuned at fitnessmarketingmastery.com. As a part of the Flipping50® Menopause Fitness Specialist course for alumni and for CEU course alone, or as a part of renewing I’m providing a 2-hour training on coaching midlife women. 

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I’ll let you know when we open again, and when the course is available to take. No obligation, we’ll just send the details!

OK, let’s dive into those recommendations and why so you have a much better understanding!

Common Fitness Recommendations that need to die!

  1. Healthy Snacks 

Not all clients should snack. A percent of women over 40 are definitely dealing with some blood sugar issues or adrenal stress. However, many more women actually need to fast between meals so their liver can function optimally and they can begin to burn fat. Snacks keep someone using what goes in now. So the need for snacking is a clue. And yes, for those women who do experience shakes, or nausea or dizziness, they need to deal with that now. However, that’s a sign you need to get to the underlying cause of it. 

In the Flipping50 Menopause Fitness Specialist, we help clients (and trainers who work with them) identify which protocol will help them. Food, sleep, exercise – all need to be unique if this is the status of clients. 

Suggesting healthy snacks without suggesting when and why and who is a disservice to midlife women. It is keeping some fat.

  1. High Protein Meals from inflammatory foods 

In 2014 some of the most popular pages on Facebook were those listed as “high protein meals” and now? On instagram it’s “fitness meals.” The following is huge. But the ingredients are often highly inflammatory foods for most midlife women (and others). 

Hormonal changes bring gut issues. They show up in skin issues, weight loss resistance, digestive issues, irregularity, inability to reduce fat, inflammation. That points to leaky gut. Leaky gut is an obstacle for weight loss, immune function, disease prevention because not absorbing foods or supplements means there’s a gap between what someone thinks is healthy lifestyle and what’s really happening. 

  1. Exercise 1st Thing in the Morning

This will be unpopular. Especially if you do something very Orange Theory and have 4:30am or 5am classes or meet with clients at this time. But there is greater risk of disc issues within an hour of waking. [A podcast with Dr Stuart McGill at Flippingfifty.com or on your favorite podcast platform will help you understand this]. So, are clients up by 3:30 to do your session? 

Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s science.

You also may be disrupting sleep, not something midlife women can afford. Working with your hormones on a daily basis – as well as weekly – is so very important.

And I won’t go into this, but end of the day isn’t ideal for intense exercise either. So HIIT at that 5:30pm class isn’t in your client’s best interest. 

Surprised? More blogs and podcasts at fitnessmarketingmastery.com support how and why.

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And last but not least, this common fitness recommendation is potentially the nemesis of some midlife women. 

HIIT Workouts to Burn Fat 

A midlife woman already under a high level of perceived stress, and sometimes not perceived is just increasing cortisol. That’s increasing catabolism. That as you know is when muscle breaks down and the body stores fat easier. 

The body can not both store and burn fat. Under stress, it will opt for fat storage. Stressed midlife women, or those with too little cortisol, needing a nap after workouts, are burning out… not burning fat. 

Sooner or later they will have to stop. Stop exercise. Stop training with you. 

HIIT workouts should be the smallest percentage of exercise and movement time a midlife woman does in a week. 

HIIT should also be the last thing added and first to go if a woman isn’t feeling amazing! And getting results from her program. 

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