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Have you ever wondered about coaching for personal trainers so you could accelerate your business?

Similar to coaching your fitness clients, coaching for personal trainers is an investment in faster growth than you can make on your own with a plan that accidental success won’t give you.

What’s accidental success? The handful of clients that find you, the clients you’re given because someone else left or stopped training and you just happened to be in the right spot at the right time – that’s accidental success. Unless you make something of it and renew, get referrals, and begin to attract on your own, you have no business model that is sustainable.

You need the answer to this question:

Where will your next fitness client come from?

You have to have a predictable way to attract a predictable number of leads, that you can predict a specific percentage will become customers. If you don’t have a lead-generating vehicle in your business, you may not have a business. You may have a hobby that ebbs and flows without predictable revenue. That my friend, is not a business. Try it with your light company, mortgage, or kid’s pediatrician or college education. You are going to have to pay them on time.

So this episode is all about coaching for personal trainers, the very very basics of who you need to be in order to attract clients. You’ve got to have behind-the-scenes pieces in place. If you don’t know who you are and “why you” you surely aren’t going to convince a client of that.

My Guest is Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Carrie Leonardini

We began with remodeling Carrie’s introduction. The bio she sent me needed polish! Carrie is articulate, experienced, and confident  – all qualities that her target clients would find attractive. She also likes to have fun and use humor. This introduction she gave me failed to tell her audience anything like that.

As she has gotten older she has delved deeper into learning and growing in the knowledge of what it means to be healthy and fit and she loves seeing not only the transformation in herself but in her clients as well.

As a Personal Trainer and Heath Coach, Carrie is passionate about educating and encouraging women to take back their strength, health and empowerment. She has a whole body approach that encompasses mindset, fitness and foundational health. She’s a mom of 2 and currently resides in Northern California and is working to reach as many women as she can to help them achieve a life of health, wellness and vitality.


#1 thing I would love to unpack with Carrie… is how to write an amazing BIO.

Something that attracts your audience –  your ideal customer – we refer to as your avatar.

Don’t use words that don’t mean anything. “older” “what it means to be healthy and fit”

Don’t waste a word.

Build credibility –

  • Years with experience 12 years
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Health Coach

Build authority –

  • Published on women’s

Build rapport – use the power of three

  • Have a quirky sense of humor
  • Snorts she doesn’t laugh
  • Sense of fun
  • Reading personal development
  • Being outdoors
  • Learning

If working with moms between 34 and 50 years old is your target then be sure you’re talking to them like you’d talk to a girlfriend on the phone.

Describe them as if you were describing your best friend. You should know them better than anyone.

Committed, Dedicated, Receptive

Mobility, Weight Loss, Feeling

How do they want to feel?

How do they feel now? Frustrated, fearful, discouraged, ready for change

Make yourself distinct not generic. Make someone listening know in seconds if they would want to have coffee with you or not.

Say something! (Say everything in a way no else can say it).


Tell me if you have a sense of humor by showing it. Don’t say “I have a sense of humor” show me in a humorous introduction that makes me smile!

Tell me if you’re a geeky science girl.

Tell me if you are in the boat rowing with me.

Tell me you have personal method or step-by-step program.

For instance…. I’m a triathlete. But that might alienate me from women I want to help. So I tell a triathlon training story about having snot from ear-to-ear and being allergic to the chlorine in the pool I swim in and more. I laugh at myself and paint an anything-but-glamorous or sexy image of myself. I use an introduction that says I now swim in paperwork, ride the desk, and run my own business for the last five years far more than I do any endurance training. So all those women sitting behind a computer all day know I get them and I am not exercising all day.

Top 3 Questions Carrie asked me for this coaching for personal trainers session:

  1. How to reach potential clients the best when you work independently and don’t have a brick and mortar place to hang your hat?

That’s an opportunity not something holding you back.

Everyone is looking on line FIRST.

Get content out there – videos and blogs.

Know what problems you overcome for clients that a brick and mortar business can’t.

  1. Which in your experience has been your best avenue to generate clients? Video, blog, in person, networking, podcasting….and where should someone who is only a year or two into their business start?


Literally ASK for the business. Think of three people you need to contact and do it. Today.

Passive marketing that’s always there is something you have to do… but it’s not going to bring you business.

Pick up the phone and call at least one person you know you can help every single day.

  1. Knowing what to focus on each day in your business that moves the needle forward so over time you have the domino affect from your consistent habits/practices.

ASKING a prospect to become a client every day.

Get out of discomfort.

Fill yourself up to the point you can work on more passive streams of revenue right now. So gradually you can create a lifestyle and work schedule you want.

Look for speaking gigs every day.

Carrie also added this to me in our correspondence before we recorded this episode:

Writing is not my gift

Here’s the coaching for personal trainers tips I have for you if you’re thinking the same. Stop saying it.

You have to write.

You have to stop telling yourself anything negative about writing.

  • Talk it and transcribe it if you don’t write well.
  • Read Stephen King’s book on writing.
  • Start getting better.

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