Coaching Clients Effectively | Weight Loss Success Coach Interview

Are you coaching clients with food addiction who want to lose weight? Are you frustrated with a lack of success, and lack of compliance?

Today’s episode is all about tips for coaching clients based on the successful life-changing transformation of one man who has become a coach. He walked the talk first. He researched his own journey. Michael Leppo shares what he learned as he researched his own midlife transformation.

This episode will remind you (and your clients) that it’s never too late. After decades of food addition, weight issues, and conditions caused by them, anyone can make changes.

Coaching a client demands an integrated approach involving the science of exercise and nutrition, along with the motives, cues and triggers for behavior. Michael’s story is a perfect example of where coaching the physical process can often miss the underlying root cause of the problem.

This episode is all about coaching clients who have started and stopped and still want to lose weight but can’t break a cycle and don’t know why. You can be the bridge to a new pattern of thought, action, and permanent behavior change.

Michael shares valuable insight you can use with your coaching clients:

  • Two things that triggered his change
  • His age when he decided to change
  • 3 Ways to motive coaching clients
  • Why coaching clients have a hard time breaking a habit
  • What’s going on in the brain based on the food your coaching clients eat

We discussed:

  • The “bliss point” of processed foods
  • Why the term “food washed” can help you understand your clients
  • Coaching a client through behavior change by better brain chemistry

Michael offered suggestions to avoid these common mistakes working with coaching clients:

  • Focusing on what you want to say next instead of listening to what’s being said or not said (why the common acronym WIFM is a priceless coaching tool)
  • Asking closed-questions or leading questions (what to do instead)

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