3 Reasons Your Midlife Clients Cancel (and what to do about it)

3 Reasons Your Midlife Clients Cancel

Clients cancel. That’s a fact. Chronic cancellations killing your schedule? Then you’re faced with do I charge or give grace? If she’s close to renewal it’s tricky. Even if she’s not up for renewal your day (and energy) changes even if you charge.

I’m definitely addressing women here.

Why are midlife women more likely to cancel and how can you prevent it?

There are three reasons I’ve discovered over 35 years and all are tied to midlife hormones. This post is an insight into what’s happening when your midlife client cancels. 

Reason #1 Midlife Clients Cancel: She didn’t sleep.

Hormone volatility during perimenopause or menopause can mean high cortisol at night. If she’s suffering from low estrogen levels (or even what’s called estrogen dominance) she can have night sweats or hot flashes that interfere with sleep.

Educate her on how to decrease her stress level. [Saying, decrease your stress level is really no help! But that may be all her doctor did]. Be sure you don’t contribute to stress loads by exercising too long, too hard, or both. Instead make sure you can match her proper intensity to signs and symptomsshe’s got. 

Reason #2 Midlife Clients Cancel: She has migraine.

In a related post I include information about a particular neck problem women are more prone to but here I want to address a couple other possibilities.

First, there is a high percentage of Americans deficient in magnesium. One of the signs is more frequent headaches and migraines. Start asking questions about what she takes and if she’s aware of this connection. You can’t diagnose or treat but you can educate.

Second, look into hydration. It’s the obvious. But she may not be thinking about it or doing it. Set up reminders, a goal between what she’s drinking now and what is ideal and help hold her accountable with a serious of text messages.

Last, look at her use of screens and eye fatigue. Remind her of options to minimize eye strain, take frequent breaks, and be sure if she wears prescription eyewear that she’s had them updated recently.

Reason #3 Midlife Clients Cancel: She woke up feeling sick.

She’s probably not. She feels like she’s hungover. She’s not that either. But she may have adrenal fatigue or thyroid issues. Those signs of feeling like you just can’t get going, not feeling fully awake even until noon, and yet possibly getting a second wind after 10pm… are all common of women who have adrenal fatigue. (and that can lead to thyroid issues).

Check on other signs and symptoms she may have. Does she now or has she had a major stressor in her life or a chronic one for a long period of time with no relief? Does she tend to over exercise or did she? (Not according to your “over exercise” but hers) Does she feel sluggish after eating? Does she feel like she could or should nap after exercise?

If you’re getting this more frequently refer to a functional integrative doctor for some possible testing. Help her create a list of questions to ask. You can be a key observer in usual habits changing or increasing that point to something wrong.

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