Your Checklist for Programs That Profit

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Got Profitable Programs? Answer the following to find out.

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Do you NEVER discount your services?

Do you create customer-percieved valuable services that attract more leads than you could accept as clients?

Do you create products and leverage existing services to add bonuses to bigger purchases?

Do you avoid giving away additional time and treat your time with a minimum set value?

Do you create an expected level of customer service that attracts qualified leads that can afford your services?

Do you raise your rates to strategically elevate your perceived value with customers?

Do you have a specific list of traits people who are best for your programs share?

Do you have a specific list of traits of people who would not be a good match for each program?

If you answered YES to each of those questions, you’re in great shape and on your way to profitable programs that you’re set up to marketing with super simple steps.

If you’re still working on mastering the ever-changing customer needs, you’re not alone.

It’s not going to get easier. As competition grows, and the customer gets more educated – or at the least, more information- they’ll be more selective.

Here’s a step-by-step system to make every program a success. 

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You’re other choice is to continue to struggle to figure it out. Create and test while you spend time, energy, and money marketing and advertising programs you’re not sure work.

Advertising with new equipment and props seems like an exciting idea. Until the gym or studio or trainer next door and around the corner have the same equipment but charge less.

You can waste time while other programs are figuring it out. While they’re gaining at a steady pace what’s working with a customer set …who all are telling their friends and family.

If you’ve got people who belong to your center or studio who train with someone else …. it’s not a sign of the strength of your program. Sooner or later they may realize they don’t really need you membership either.

If you’ve got programs and people and facilities you believe in? Be sure the marketing message and images are what sells best. Empty studios, under-capacity programs, or lack of a capacity goal can be a temporary issue or a long term struggle for your busies.

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