Are You Changing the Aging Mindset For the Better?

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Do You Know the Active Over 50 Market?

Few fitness centers are getting it right.

They’re catering to 30-45 year olds instead of the 45-65 year old market with money to spend, a sense of urgency, and a wide-open market who feels they have too few choices out there.

They don’t want to take advice from a 20-something. They know he or she can’t relate.

Yet, these are, primarily, women who want to continue to think young. They want to get the sexy back. They’re not an “over 50 chair exercise group.

Images are few and far between of active 50-60 something adults that are not condescendingly suggesting that they be riding cruisers when they’re shown on a bike, or on a scale suggesting weight loss is what they should be striving for, or weight lifting with 3 pound dumbbells. Stock images have a gap.

Here’s why taking a good close look at the message your memes, images and articles send is a good idea. If all you’re thinking about is osteoporosis and arthritis, you have a huge gap between money you’re making and money you could be making. These gals want to fit into sexy skinny jeans. They want to get rid of bat wings.

You can increase the number of older adults who seek your services because they are:

1. aware of a problem

2. aware of the possibilities

3. aware they can change the way they age

Positively influencing mindset on aging has that effect.

Traditionally, fitness articles, blogs, and advertisement bullet points focus on health outcomes such as reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, improving bone density, and reducing fat.

If an individual believes that weight gain and slowing down is natural outcome of aging none of those articles/blogs/messages will be particularly motivating. That is, no one is going to take action. You will sit with the ability to help waiting for the phone to ring or your inbox to fill.

If an individual has a belief however, that later decades are filled with possibility, adventure, and new experiences, she’ll be seeking new ways to continue feeling good.

How can you enhance the perception of aging? How do you know you need to? If people comment that you make them feel old, if they use the words middle-aged, or getting old with a negative slant, you have good signs that you need to change the culture around you.

Take Action:

Look at your memes, your headlines, the images you use to portray older adult programs. Is there a gap between younger men and women and older men and women? Few women 50-60-years old have gray hair. Yet they are also not 22-year-old-red-heads. There are few images of women between the ages of 50 and 70 that don’t indicate they should be pedaling cruisers as opposed to triathlon bikes or walking slowly on the beach instead of surfing.

Get in touch with your market. Get trainers who are not 22 to work with them, get out and speak to them, or do it on YouTube and promote promote promote them.

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