Change the Meeting Venue and Make More Sales

There is a reason retreats are popular. When universities, companies big and small, and business owners who want serious results take them they vacate the premises. It changes everything.

What it does for you in a meeting with a new prospect is puts you on neutral ground. You’re the awkwardly dressed one if you’ve chosen to wear your exercise gear. (If it’s a business meeting, business attire is appropriate). I talk about how successfully this is done in my free gift How-To guide for non-sellers/personal trainers.

You’ve flown once or twice in your life. You’ve flipped through the magazine in flight and come across “It’s Just Lunch” the dating match program. Same here. The risk is removed if you meet a client for lunch or coffee NOT at your workout facility. Meet them and you’ll better be able to elaborate on the experience, the impact on life, and not the distracting, intimidating busy movement going on around you.

Reframe the way you acquire clients and bring the personal back. Secure the customer for life and the right reasons and get to the exercise later.

It works.

Successfully since I began training in 1987 in a conservative market that wasn’t ready for personal training. It’s the only way it did work then and it’s the best way to make it work now.

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