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Behavior Change For Fitness Sales

Got clients? Most trainers will say they either need more clients, they need more hours or they need more revenue.

The secret is in more clients. The more in demand you are, the more you can raise your rates and increase revenue streams to serve different interest levels and different budgets.

So you need more sales. Period.

This is the first post in a series of posts about how to change selling …through your thoughts and actions. We all do certain things every day. If we take one of those every day activities and couple it with a new behavior … in the same way you might have a client drink more water by having a glass before every meal, between cups of coffee… you will improve your selling skills because you are practicing them more.

**That said, it is not just practice but perfect practice that gets results. But I believe that when you’re “in it” more often you naturally will identify where you need help, an expert, or a manager to get you smoothly to the right words and timing.

Key behaviors have to change based on what the problem is in order to get the outcome desired. So here’s step #1.

1. Practice irresistible offer messaging

After I ________________________________ (anchor)

I will ___________________________________ (new behavior)

e.g. After I do each session based on where my last client is and what would be irresistible for them right now I will ask for the upsell.

This will make you THINK about your client who is meeting you once a week… and struggling with accountability. They aren’t getting it done between sessions. So you ask for participation in group training twice a week in addition to privates or for more meetings per week for a month. What do they need to be successful?

Then, make it irrestistable. Offer both a discount on the group (it’s already going right?) of 50%… or access to a member’s only site for free (value of ___$) with their increase….and a money-back guarantee if they don’t exercise more, get X amount of additional workouts they can repeat on their own….all things that of course will be a natural.

If you practice this every client session every day ? You WILL sell at least one UP sell every day. The odds are with you.


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