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Tell, Don’t Sell ….and get Sales in Personal Training!

I don’t want to be sold. I don’t want someone else telling me what they think is best for me. At least not until I believe they are an expert. Our customers are the same. So tell, don’t sell. If you are the best in the business, and you truly do know your science as …

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Selling Personal Training Socially

Are you friends on facebook? Are you tweeting as you set up the room for bootcamp? Are you Linked-In about your upcoming continuing education workshops? Get going. You’re going to be all thumbs today for your personal workout. First things first: if you’re not operating  a facebook page yet for your business, get it going! …

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Selling Fitness with Lead Management

You’ve been generating leads for two weeks. It’s time now to make sure that you have done something with those leads. Organization is the name of the game. This is also where you can lose a lot of potentially already excited people because they don’t hear from you; soon enough, consistently enough, or with the …

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