The Fastest Way to Grow Your Social Media Channels

Want to know the fastest way to grow your social media channels? Buy likes. But … spoiler alert. That’s not the question you really want to ask! These are the questions: How do you [...]


Video Performance on Social Media |Test Don’t Guess

Video Outperforms Everything Marketing Video performance on social media beats images alone, text alone, and images with text. Live video performance beats everything. Still, there are implicated [...]


8 Social Media Mistakes Wasting Your Time (fix them fast!)

Are Social Media Mistakes Killing Your Reach? Social media mistakes cost you. Whether you spend money on ads or not you are spending money paying someone or doing it yourself when your skills are [...]


Use Facebook Fitness Marketing Better, Faster, and Have More Fun

Get yourshortcuts for creating a fitness marketing mastery style guide right in your inbox, so you’ll have it forever and be able to use it right away. First Name * Email * Get Your Style [...]


The #1 Social Media Mistake Costing You More Fitness Customers

The way you’re measuring social media success is costing you more fitness customers. The #1 biggest mistake fitness business make is that they’re not measuring. The second biggest [...]


How You Absolutely Can Master Fitness Marketing

Ready to Master Fitness Marketing? We are all somewhere on a continuum when it comes to anything. We in the fitness space are used to observing clients in movement. They sometimes are a hot mess [...]


Make Your Fitness Blog Strategy Better Fast

A fitness blog is a way to share information in a non-intimidating way with an audience looking for solutions to a problem. In other words, they’re perfect for reaching your ideal customer. It’s [...]


How to Get More Fitness Clients with Content You Already Have

You want more fitness clients. You want them to stay longer and pay longer. You’re constantly trying to keep up with monitoring session numbers per week, retention rate, conversion numbers [...]


Social Media for Fitness | 2 Fixes when you’re posting but nobody cares

Social Media Marketing Shooting blanks on social media is detrimental! Think of it like food or exercise: it’s either hurting you or it’s helping you get where you want to go. Truly you only get [...]


3 Ways to Grow Your Following and Make Clients Want You

The goal is always grow your following. This time of year is tough. Attention spans are short. Yours. Distractions are many. Theirs. This can be a harder time of year than the holidays. At least, [...]

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