15 Confessions of a Self-employed Personal Trainer

15 Confessions of a Self-employed Personal Trainer Self-employed personal trainer? Or want to be one? This is for you. And it’s written in total respect. I know most of these because I’ve lived [...]


The First Hormone Balancing Fitness Specialist Program in the World

She’s Looking for a Hormone Balancing Fitness Specialist A whopping 4/5 women in perimenopause and menopause are looking for a hormone balancing fitness expert. They don’t know it. They [...]


3 Injuries Your Midlife Client Has (and how to help)

Your midlife client isn’t hurt because of something you did necessarily. But you might be able to alter a client’s routine and avoid more issues. Her hormones are the root cause of some common [...]


How to Identify Clients with Leptin Resistance (and what to do)

Leptin resistance can effect so many clients. You’re significantly overweight and obese clients are most likely to have it. In an easy-to-understand explanation, it’s a bit like insulin [...]


10 Signs Your Client Has Adrenal Fatigue (and what to do)

Training Clients with Adrenal Fatigue In this post I answer some questions that haven’t been “the norm” but are here to stay. It can happen to clients at any age and to both genders. It is [...]


Stop Motivating Fitness Clients and Make More Money

Tell them you’re done. Stop wasting your energy motivating fitness clients. It doesn’t help them and it doesn’t help you.  They, nor you, don’t need motivation. They [...]


Your Fitness Customers Cry for Help | Respond Better

Listen to your fitness customers. You’ve heard it before. Listen without formulating your response. Listen without thinking you’ve heard it before. Listen without know what you’re going to say [...]


How to Be More Professional Without Losing Your Fitness Clients

“You have to be more professional.” “We have to be more professional in our conservative little area.” “That’s not professional.”  Have you said any of these? Or had them said to you? The title [...]


Hire These 3 People for Your Fitness Business (Big or Small)

Hire these 3 people? What if you’re broke, just starting out, scared you won’t be able to pay them? I get it. But at some point you will be ready. When you first start your training [...]