Capitalize on New Year Resolutions!

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Act with urgency if you want to make more personal training sales!

You may have to work a little harder, a little longer, or a lot smarter!

For every one person who is calling you, there are probably two who are not calling you who need help and need the right person to reach out to them.

How will you do that?

Pick one and go to work this week!!

1. Ask every client or member to bring a friend to their session or class this week. They of course are going to pick someone they know will come, who wants to enjoy benefits of being fit and active or who is trying to make better choices. Follow up with the individual then; and make sure you can by capturing their name and contact information when they come in- through a waiver for exercise is a simple way to do it.

2. Hold a community-wide fund raiser for a good cause. Make sure it promotes your personal training services by specifically having trainers who want to fill sessions provide the instruction and lead activities; showcase them! Again, collect the contact information for each attendee and follow up. Have them talk to one of your staff people about a. a trial period b. a short term membership c. services that are ‘guaranteed’- make it a risk free benefit rich opportunity!

3. Hold an incentive contest around a specific activity. Promote a mileage program, a marathon or Ironman that requires certain amounts of cross training. As a ‘swag bag’ for the participants offer a discount on certain services…so they are that much more involved in your program, a VIP, provide a t-shirt for “finisher” s and get your logo on it! Consider making it a wear-with-jeans shirt rather than a wear for work out so they wear it to the hardware and grocery store and gain you more mileage in marketing.

4. Get yourself in front of groups of people talking about topics of interest that you are an expert on. Fat loss, better cardiovascular exercise prescription, more effective strength training, better back care, beyond abs; core for performance, etc. and set one every week- require an rsvp and charge for no-shows- but free to all. (you just want to be able to plan and determine demand ahead of time) Videotape your presentation and get that on your website or your blog. Extra mileage.

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