Can You Believe You Said That?

What message are you sending? How do other people see you? What impression do you make on them?

If you don’t know the answer to this one, stop trying to generate leads during this 21 days of fitness sales and answer the question. Ask three or four people whose opinion you trust. And ask them to be bluntly honest about your impression (or your personal training department or business’ impression).

If that doesn’t match up with the impression that you want to have on your target customer, make a command list right now and make sure that everything you do is based on bringing you closer to that impression.

How will you generate leads to boost summer fitness sales today? From your ideal impression that you want to leave on customers, create three questions. Then hold a meeting with everyone on your staff and don’t let anyone on your staff talk to anyone at all today without asking the questions you created.

“Are you sure you’re doing everything that you can do to reach your goals?”

“Are you interested in getting better results from your exercise program in less time?”

“Would you like to get a customized exercise program so that you know exactly what to do when you walk in the door?”

Then book them for a complimentary session to discuss the options.

If you work with seniors, or youth, or with runners or golfers in particular, cater your questions to them.

Use your niche to your advantage. If you try to make everyone believe that you’re the best for everyone they won’t think you’re very good at helping anyone specifically. Consistently say, write, print and do things that lead you to make the impression that you want to be first mentioned when someone asks about you.


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