Calories In vs. Calories Out Formulas are Making Us Fat

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Interesting Share Here From a Personal Trainer Helping His Audience By Calorie Counting

Following a post by a trainer, I’ve no idea how I got on his “list” – don’t you love that? – I sent an email response suggesting that the “how to” lose weight solution he shared that was so oriented around resting metabolism and activity level was “old school.” I suggested that hormones not calories really control what happens with fat loss – the ultimate goal.

I asked if he’d like to come on my podcast – for fitness professionals and talk about  our difference of opinion. I’m traveling and in business building bootcamp since Sunday and tied up jamming a week into two days when I get back… so I’ve not been able to set the date with him yet.

Here’s his email today:

“Let me tell you about a diet that allows me to eat more calories than I burn and still causes weight loss”. 
    -Quote from; NoOne Ever
I didn’t really want to use the word “controversy” in the subject line because there really shouldn’t be anything controversial about it.
But alas, there are those that feel calories in/calories out doesn’t matter.
I received an interesting reply to my last email. It was from a personal trainer with a long list of well respected credentials.
The reply stated that I had it backwards, that calories in / calories out was old school.
My first thought was that she feels the type of calorie is the key. That you have to eat the right type of calorie. But at the end of the day the intake must be less than the outgo.
But she went on and said that we were on opposite sides of the fence.
That snapped my focus. To be on opposite sides of the fence means that she feels as if my opening statement is true. Or at least could be true.
She invited me to her podcast to discuss the topic and I accepted her invitation. I haven’t heard from her since. But she did say she was very busy this week.
So I’m now very curious.
[1] How many of you also feel CI / CO is a confusing subject?
[2] Do you feel I was just dead wrong by stating you must eat less than you burn to lose weight?
[3] Would you like to hear the podcast? Or maybe a webinar?

 Kudos to him!

 He’s done exactly what I would recommend any trainer do with a controversial topic. Although, he’s missed the point of my contradiction of his recommendations – which were that calculating a number of calories that someone is using at rest and is “burning” during exercise…is pretty impossible. And that hormones will control how calories are stored and burned as fat… but you have to give him credit for using real/newsworthy/and hot content that will get a reaction from his audience (if someone is on his list already drinking his Kool-Aid they are going to respond positively most likely!) 
 Use the example. Find a news story, an article in the paper, an opinion of someone else that you can prove is objectable and show why. 
 This kind of controversy is exactly what customers and clients need to know if they want to follow, to understand the concepts below the surface. Our prospects are confused. We’re confusing them.
 When you take a stand and confront a topic – or contradict historical viewpoints- you set yourself apart. 
 The world does not hear a quiet message. 

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