Is Your Call To Action Working?

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Every Blog or Newsletter includes a Call-to-Action or You’re Losing Money


Really? Yes.

The purpose of a blog or a newsletter is to provide value that attracts your customer. Once you have your customer you provide a call-to-action. You sell.

First step? Blog to email subscriber.

Second step? A series of appropriate emails that lead someone down a logical path from where they are to an offer for your product or service.

Here’s where we go wrong. We send out “valuable” content. Then post a random list of services that are not connected in any way directly (STOP giving your customer so much credit!)

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What did I just do? Yep. You’re so smart.

If you aren’t getting results from your YouTube videos? They are a video blog – a vlog – some say. You can click here for a free short short course- one video shows you why you need to know. I’ve grown my subscribers on Youtube from almost nothing to over 3000 in the last year and from that…organically I get 6-10 new people subscribing to my email daily. Overall my daily just drop in, no ads, to my emails are about 16-17. When I guest blog for someone it shoots up to 35-40. I guest blog regularly for that very reason.


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