From Unknown to Online Success: Building Your Brand Presence

Building your brand presence is a series of things that make YOU not another trainer or coach but THE recognizable one that attracts your ideal client.

For many of the trainers and coaches I’ve seen just starting out, this is the missing piece in designing a life and business you love. 

But there are 3 ways you might get stuck building your brand presence: . 

  1. It feels illusive, building your brand presence, you might think is as easy as consistently using bright pink in clothing and your logo. 
  2. You aren’t sure yet what you want that to be.
  3. You’re spending so much time thinking about this you’re not taking real action to make offers and close deals. 

Today’s guest is rebuilding her own. She’s pivoted at 50 as many women do to something more soul-satisfying and that had the prerequisite of gaining the life and professional experience you have now.

If this sounds familiar, and your midlife flipping your focus or really digging in, I think you’ll love this.

My Guest:

Jenna Capozzi brings over 30 years of C-level executive experience, having led innovative projects for global brands such as Samsung, Target, and BMW, and produced notable films and TV shows. Transitioning from Hollywood to empowering the next generation of leaders, she leverages her extensive background to guide individuals towards impactful leadership with Forte Femme. Jenna dedicates herself to mentoring individuals, emphasizing the importance of community support and personal growth. Her mission is to nurture leaders ready to make a significant difference, utilizing her vast achievements in entertainment and advertising, coupled with her passion for helping others achieve their goals with confidence and clarity. Committed to the idea that leadership and purpose are crucial for lasting change, Jenna aims to support emerging leaders in making a meaningful impact, by building an audience and assisting others on their journey.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • Can you share the moment you realized that despite your success in Hollywood and advertising, something significant was missing in your life?

  • Was there ever a moment with a big name brand or client where you had a different, unique approach and had to convince someone to see the vision you had? 

  • How did your experiences in the high-pressure environment of marketing in Hollywood shape your approach to founding your own business?

  • Your vision for is empowering women over 40. What inspired you to specifically target this demographic

  • What advice do you have for women who fear it’s too late to chase their dreams or start anew?

  • Tell me about the significance of mentorship in your career. 

  • You host retreats you describe as “work-cations.” Can you describe that kind of experience and your vision for those?

  • How do you incorporate your personal interests, like curating memorable travel experiences, into the retreats and programs within your business

  • Building a community, especially one that challenges societal norms, is no small feat. How do you foster a sense of belonging and encourage members to support each other in your network?

  • Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for  ——–, and how do you envision its evolution in empowering women to build a saner future?

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