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If you want to build your business in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, learn to make the smallest actions consistently. The following was transcribed by Otter.


I’m not worried about that. I’m actually worried about you sitting back and waiting, without doing anything.


So let’s talk about this because the truth is today. It’s a Monday.


It’s not even halfway through July, and I didn’t want to post today. Just like potentially you may not want to take the actions that are more difficult for you. Surely I didn’t want to post today because I didn’t have a lot to say. I didn’t have something specific that I’d written that I’d prepared, because there’s a lot going on right here, I’m in the middle of a launch, I’m trying to do something and the other side of my business, and it’s busy. There’s a lot of emails, there’s a lot of podcasts, there’s a lot of videos that I’m creating there’s a lot of pages and copying that I have to rank. And this kind of fell to the bottom of the list. But here’s the truth. This between you and me, is exactly what you need to hear, because there are no easy days there are no shortcuts, and especially right now it all feels like potentially we’re working twice as much for half as much. Right.


So what I want you to know is, if you really want to grow your fitness business, your health coaching business which it may evolve more into a health coaching business than a personal training business.


Pick up the phone.


That is probably the one and the best thing that you can do is everyday make yourself make at least one phone call, you’re going to make those phone calls to a list of people. So right now, what I’d love for you to do is if you’re walking and you’re listening great brainstorm while you’re walking or soon as this is over and I guarantee you it’s gonna be short because I am totally winging it. What I want you to do is take your phone out and record into your phone record five people around you. Maybe they’re in your family maybe their friends your neighbors your colleagues and list them in your phone, and then go to your next outside circle people they know people that you’ve barely met people that you’ve met though and you know exactly by talking to them that you could help them that they definitely have a problem, they even said, and suggested that they’re looking for answers to a problem they have acknowledged that they have the problem record all the names of those people, and don’t filter, just write them down, or record them in your audio, while you’re walking or while you’re at home sitting at your desk, it doesn’t matter but get a list started. And if you never wrote this down before write it down so if you record this into your phone what you shouldn’t be recording it into is truly otter because it’ll record for you. The words that you’re saying and take it down and dictation, and then you can download it send it to yourself, and you’ve got the list, you don’t have to then come back and write it down and dictate for yourself.


But here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to call those people at least one of them every day. It doesn’t matter if you call five tomorrow you still have to call one tomorrow, or you fall call five today you still have to call one tomorrow, one a day, every day just like a vitamin. So, if you decide to get ambitious doesn’t get you off the hook, or tomorrow. So you’re on vacation, really, are you on vacation during when you’re traveling, whatever is happening to you make one phone call every day, you have to put something in action. Here’s the way that phone calls gonna go. You’re gonna tell someone you’ve been thinking about them you’re asking about how they are how this whole thing is treating them and let them know that you’ve been thinking about them, and you have a couple ideas you’d like to run by them. You can’t ask Can they meet face to face but you could say do you want to meet on zoom or right here Do you want to meet on FaceTime. What’s better for you but I’d love to share them if you’re interested in hearing it.


And most people are going to be flattered and say yes. And then from there, you’re going to share, literally, you’ve got to have good idea so right so you can’t make this up. But you have to share the game plan.


I mean, what have you thought about with this person so let me give you a for instance, this afternoon, I met with a woman named Marilyn. I’m meeting with her on a volunteer basis. Look, I’m extremely busy I’m in the middle of lunch for the other side of my business and there’s a lot to do, but.


Earlier this year, her husband was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, that’s all before COVID-19 hit.


And she’s lost. And she was going to discontinue her membership. And I reached out to her about it and about why the reason why is she’s feeling so disconnected and wants to pull away from people she’s just not liking crowds. Even online crowds to participating in the members area and talking really isn’t something she wants to do now, but you know I think she’s at a point in her life when she needs to be taking care of herself, more than ever, because she’s going to be doing a lot of caregiving in the next few months and potentially years. And it’s not gonna be easy. So if she stops now she disconnects now what will happen. I don’t think it’s what we want. So I offered to have her stay in the membership, but also offered my services for the next 90 days so for 12 weeks in a row I’m her accountability coach. And what I’m doing for her is laying out the plan. I said I see myself is just your accountability check in. We’ll talk about what’s been the problem this past week, what’s been your goal, what days you’re planning to do the things you agree to do what might be obstacles and how you can overcome them. So that you’ve got a place to report, you’ve got an organized plan in front of you for these next seven days. How does that sound.


And of course she said Good. Now, you may come up with a plan for whoever it is you’re talking to and they may not agree, but chances are if you are very thoughtful and you sit down with this in mind, with them in mind knowing their past history knowing what they’ve said is important to them. Chances are, with somebody, thinking about them. That kind of flattery is fairly rare that kind of being cared for, is fairly rare outside of your very small nucleus seven in an immediate family, people will listen.


And even if what it is you offer doesn’t land on them exactly right.


They may suggest something else, and then you’re having a conversation, not about if you’ll work together but about how you’ll work together. And at the end of that conversation you will finally get to, what are the details, how will this work how much will it be, because that shouldn’t be the last thing that you talk about the detail is how you’re going to help them, how you’re going to help them stay accountable the transformation that it’s going to bring to them and what it’s going to mean to them right now. During this moment.


And that is it. But that simple action, you’ll take every day calling one person.


Not only could change somebody’s life, not only essentially change 365 lives. Now look at a lot of cases you’re going to call somebody and leave a message. So on Sundays, you may have a return phone call, but you have to make that new outreach.


Even that could change a business in the best of times, let alone the worst of times, how it happened could be by phone by Facebook by Skype by zoom.


Make it work for the both of you, not for one.


And there you have it, how you can build your business from the ground up. It may look different than it did before, you may not need to be standing next to somebody or demonstrating with them. What they may need is for you to help hold them accountable to share with them videos that they can want on their own.


It could be much more simple than you might be trying to make it. Having a digital or a virtual business isn’t really the point. The point is the value in the transformation that it creates. And you, my friend, have the skill and the talent to do that.


That’s it. That’s all I’ve got for today. But that one little gem.


Might just transform your business.


I’d love to hear from you. You can put your comments at the bottom of the show notes at Fitness marketing, forward slash build your business.

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