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Branding for fitness professionals right now can’t be an afterthought.

How is your brand fitness? Your brand health? Are you standing up and standing out compared to the thousands of trainers, fitness instructors, health coaches and yoga teachers who have flocked online since mid-March 2020?

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That intro was not meant to make you panic. My guest in fact is here to share tips about how to brand yourself and stand out.

My Guest

James Patrick­­­­­ is an award-winning photographer, bestselling author, entrepreneur coach, podcast host and public speaker based in Phoenix, AZ. He is the founder of FITposium, an annual conference guiding fitness entrepreneurs to grow their careers. James has received a bevy of awards for his work as a photographer, marketer and entrepreneur. Leveraging his diverse experience, James has presented on stages cost-to-coast in the United States and has been interviewed for numerous TV, radio, magazine, newspaper and podcast features. James Patrick’s mission is to create art and opportunity for others.

Questions and topics we discussed:

Many of our listeners are recreating businesses, some are students realizing their dreams of fitness careers, personal training, gym ownership … is changing. They’re forced to market differently. Everyone is online, yes customers, but also competition – which are not only other trainers, classes, but anything taking customer’s attention.

Let’s talk about branding for fitness professionals.

From the basics… how do you define branding?

To put it in your own terms… what is your brand as a photographer?

What are components of a brand?

How do you stand out – that’s the question for a lot of trainers?

How do you stand out without changing who you are, feeling fake?

What would be the top 2 o 3 things a fitness professional wants to have to help build a brand?

What exercise do you have that can help identify a unique brand strategy?

Do you have a question we didn’t answer?

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photo credit: James Patrick

What are your questions on today’s topic: branding for fitness professionals?

Leave them in the comments.

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Connect with James:

Instagram: @jpatrickphoto

Facebook: @jamespatrickphotography

LinkedIn: jpphotography

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