Brand Yourself Better

You want to sell personal training. You want to attract clients.

You spend years if not decades and hundreds if not thousands of dollars on developing your training skills. But in comparison you spend minutes on the words that you’ll use to describe yourself and your services to a potential client.

If a prospect sees your business  card or your advertisement what will come to mind?

If a prospect asks for a description of you from a current client, what will they say?

Spend your time today, between checking your lead boxes and returning phone calls to leads you haven’t been able to reach yet, making lists.

1.) Make a list of your strengths.  You may not be the best person to do this; we don’t see ourselves as others see us.

2.) Make a list of all the things you wish had been on that list describing you.

3.) Make a list of all the adjectives, descriptions, and copy you’ve used in your advertising and logo tag lines. List common words you’ve used to describe a program, a package, or a service.

4.) Draw a line through everything that could be said about any other personal trainer. Or at least draw a line through everything that most people believe to be true about all personal trainers.

5.) Do you have anything left? If yes! Good for you- you’re being creative and thought-provoking with your marketing and promotions. If no, it’s worth it to spend more time on figuring out who  you are, and how you serve your clients differently. They want to know what exactly you are the expert on and what problem you’ll help them solve.

6.) Make a new list….what question do you answer for a potential client? What question are YOU, and ideally only YOU, the answer to? What sets you apart from the rest? Why should I choose you instead of another trainer? What words will tell me that?

Start with you and what’s true of you. Match that against what you believe your ideal client wants. What does your ideal client fear? Do you know that? When you have the answers, you can write the descriptions of your progams, services, and you to reflect that.

Do you still advertise in the newspaper? Do you use social media? Do you use television? If you’re paying for advertising somewhere some how, you have marketing and advertising people at your dispense. Find out what their ideas are, essentially that’s what you’re paying them for, and whether you like the ideas or not, you want to hear everything right when you’re in the process.

Once you’ve narrowed down who you are and what you do and why you…you’ll become more aware of who does it well and why.

There are many choices of golf clubs. Which one is for winners?

There are many physical therapist in your area, yet many of your clients choose within a small group based on referrals…what do they say about the ones that get selected more often?

What restaurants are the favorites in your area and why? What do people say about them? How are they unique?


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