Are you the boss or the employee of your business?

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Who Takes Care of The Business When You’re Not Working?

If you own a facility it’s you.

If you manage a facility it’s you.

If you manage a staff it’s you.

If you are the staff, it should be you.

Making business decisions makes the difference between an owner and an employee. Every program you offer starts not with what you love to do but the customer you’ve decided to serve. Do they love it? Are there enough customers within that target that if a very small (5%) decided to buy your service you could profit?

It’s not about being right, or stubbornly refusing to believe the numbers telling you what you’re doing isn’t working.

It’s about looking at cost and return on investment. Does one person benefit or do hundreds benefit in a big way? Will an investment result in more people reached, more revenue directly?

Can you evaluate what is nice and what is necessary? Can you say “no” to yourself when the math doesn’t work and can you take a calculated risk when it might not make sense yet?

There are ways to become a better leader and take risks but it’s hard to do alone. You need to find a General Manager, a mentor, or a way to have a sounding board.

  • create a mastermind with successful trainers (define success and get proof)
  • ask someone to mentor you in exchange for something of value for them (training is not going to work in this case- too conflicting)
  • hire a coach
  • invite an advisory board to be there for your business. include their names on your website, letter head, and invite them to dinner, a meeting quarterly… ask them appropriate questions about your business. You could include a doctor, a physical therapist, a lawyer, a professor, and others who are compatible with your business niche

If you don’t have a team it’s hard to have a checks and balances. If you’re running a business, do. If you’re doing something else, then state that mission. Know who you are and what you do and why you do it. Then it becomes easier to make decisions. If there’s not growth there’s not a business. In today’s fast-paced world you can’t stand still or you’re already going backwards.


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