6 Ways to Boost Your PR without a PR Agency or a Big Budget

Chances are if you don’t have deep pockets you need ways to boost your PR without having to spend thousands of dollars on a PR agency.  I’ve got 6 and a list of examples both in the episode and the shown notes here. 

Don’t skip the homework! Taking action is the only way to make the time you spend listening worthwhile! I love to brainstorm and conceptualize as much as any entrepreneur. But it’s in the followthrough that business owners win. 

Collaborate with other fitness & health coaches 

            You do fitness? Find a health coach or functional doctor who is recommending exercise but isn’t an exercise specialist 

            You train women? Find someone who trains men and cross promote you to their audience and them to yours

Call your media stations (on Speed Dial RIGHT NOW) 

Ask whether they host guests. 

Ask what their lead time would be. 

Follow their anchors or segment hosts 

Use Your Media Segments 

It’s never the one time you’re on air for 3 minutes. It’s what you do with them.  

Host a “Show” 

            It could be a podcast but doesn’t have to be. Live on FB, IG, or YT with a guest  

Host Leaders of your industry niche 

            Senior Games hosts of each state, National 

            Menopause Society and NAMS 

            Fitness Associations 

            Fitness Conferences 

Write a book. 



            Small publisher 

            Traditional (longer timeline)

There you have it, 6 simple ways to boost your PR without it costing an arm and leg. Which did you like best? Which will you do first? 

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If you’re talking, creating video, posting and have the website and emails, but still business is slow? You most likely are not using words that your ideal customers need in order to reach for their credit card and ask how they work with you. Get support now to stop struggling and start attracting. 

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