3 Quick Ways to Boost Engagement for Health Coaches

Hold your hat, here come 3 quick ways to boost engagement for health coaches! 

 If it feels like you’re posting all the time but crickets all the time in response, this is for you. 

These are quick and dirty ways to get more engagement, therefore grow your reach on social media and that potentially means grow your email list.

When you grow your email list, you have a better chance of launching more successful programs every time. 

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Let’s dive into this short but effective list of 3 ways to boost engagement for health coaches now.

Use Stories to Boost Engagement Health Coaches

If you continue to post reels and carousel posts and live videos or image posts and you know the post is good and helpful and hits on a topic your audience cares about and is looking for a solution to (and if not see my ultimate freebie!), then stories could be all you need. 

Do so much story posting you feel narcissistic. Post hourly or close to it. Post in a flurry if you’re at a concert or parade or something happening in the moment. 

The other day I walked down the infamous Rodeo Drive. I posted a snapshot of the street signs of Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive. I took images of storefronts and iconic brands. I window shopped and took viewers along showing colorful images of ties, Jimmy Choo shoes, and art on the sidewalks. I showed an iconic California health food store people talk about being too poor to shop at. I talked about my Pretty Woman moment, although I was in Lululemon shorts and bra top and likely no one was going to let me get near their clothes! 

And during the few days in Beverly Hills where I did this, my engagement, subscribers, and reach were all up by between 24 and 36% over previous week. That also grew the typical likes and reach of the timeline content that week. 

When you get noticed from stories and stay Top-Of-Mind, it pays off. 

Be interesting or don’t. Post a boring day hour by hour. Your habits. How you fit in fitness during a busy day. People are looking for entertainment and they want to know you! 

Let Life Be Your Source of Content

It could be mine- last week I had a tooth extracted. I chose a holistic dentist. So I talked about why and the difference. I talked about the trek to LA to have it done. I talked about the worry I did ahead of time and the outcome of the whole thing, from hours in the chair, the pain, what I was able to do after, how I prepared for healing and inactivity so I wouldn’t lose muscle. 

The point is, something you’re going through is tied to staying healthy and fit and someone in your community cares about it. Surprised, I had a handful of people ask about holistic dentistry, who I used, alternatives to root canal and why I chose extraction…. It led to far more stories because I don’t respond one-off in depth but I will answer one to many so they all hear it. 

A woman in our WELLPROS group said she was a little tired, going through some personal stuff so draining. When you’re ready, this is something your community also goes through. They would likely love to hear how you handle parents coming to stay with you, disagreements with your spouse or boss, etc. The day-to-day that we may once have thought, that’s personal/this is business, really is business too if you’re a coach. 

Honor Celebrated days to Boost Engagement for Health Coaches

Make them personal. Last women’s history month, we’ve been blessed to see Caitlin Clark from the University of Iowa excel in basketball and change the game forever. She’s become a celebrated athlete, not just a women’s basketball athlete, and all-time athlete. Because of that we’ve seen more female athletes and coaches highlighted that in the past take a backseat to men’s events. 

National or International “days” may be good reasons to talk about something personal. National Grief Awareness day for instance, is a topic many of our community members are going through or will soon. Spouses, parents, and even children. Yes, you’re a health and fitness pro but grief is a basic human emotion and it can change fitness or health habits. If it’s a topic that our community is going through, it’s fair to talk about it. 

I didn’t use this day in our community this year, but when I was healed from my mom’s passing, I shared how I balanced my energy during that time and helped move emotions through me. 

Don’t be afraid to make your engagement personal. You are a person, with professional experience. Talk within your scope of practice, but how you feel and dealt with something – whether it worked or backfired on you – is potentially helpful to your community and also helps them know you better. 

My Guest:

Joe Huff and his business partner Bridget Hilton are obsessed with experiences. As keynote speakers, co-authors of the book Experiential Billionaire and Treasure Maps card game, and self-proclaimed experiential guinea pigs, they are passionate about inspiring people to live intentional, regret-free lives by going after audacious goals. They’ve trained to be samurais, danced with the northern lights, tracked silverback gorillas in a hail storm, stood face-to-face with a hungry lion on safari, visited 50+ countries and all 50 states, absorbed life lessons from Maasai Mara tribesmen, built schools for kids in need, and explored the experiential riches life has to offer.

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