3 Reasons You Should Write that Fitness Book Now

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Is it time for you to write a fitness book?

How would you like to charge more for services?

Or get more media exposure?

And have an easy NOT sleazy way to attract customers who really want your services?

My guest today has the answers to how to do all three of those. Oh, and by the way, there are way more than three reasons to write your fitness book. Bonus! So if you’re ready for free publicity, more traffic looking for YOU, and a quick easy solution to setting yourself apart, listen here!

Write a Book or Market Your Book?

If you’ve already got a book don’t click away just yet. Are you promoting it in a way that gets you crazy good results? Has it really elevated your business? When you write a book that’s what you want, right? If you published it but it’s not working like a little soldier bringing you business every day effortlessly, this is for you too!

Melanie launched owned and operated 2 independent TV stations in Houston and Dallas Texas and has a background in Media, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising. In addition, to creating and developing successful businesses she has created award winner advertising campaigns.

Here are the questions we answer on today’s episode:

  1. Ask about my background and went from TV to publishing
  2. Why should every business owner/ speaker/consultant have a fitness book
  3. Best ways to write a fitness book
  4. Most important things to include in your book.
  5. How long does it take to write a book?

We also talked about obstacles to writing so you can get over these hurdles:

  • I have no time to write a fitness book!
  • I’m not a good writer

Don’t miss the 10x10x3 Formula so you can write fast, easy, information customers want:

  • 10 Most FAQs
  • 10 SAQs
  • 3 stories to each question

It’s Easier (and more Important) Than You Think

Awesome Tools: OTTER will transcribe your book if you record it.

Your book:

The one asset that can work harder for you than anything else you can do.

Fastest Way to Credibility

Why do you want to write a fitness book? Here’s why:

  • Credibility
  • Raise rates (you’re now the expert)
  • Foot in the door when you otherwise can’t get a response

You want someone to pick up your book so here’s what makes a Good Book cover:

  • Contrast
  • Keep it simple
  • Bold colors
  • Font is legible
  • Be clear not clever
  • Key word loaded

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IF the challenge you have is NOT, do you want to write the book or ideas to grow your business, but the accountability to stay focused when you’ve got 10 fires to put out every day, connect with me and let’s talk about how 90 days and 12 weeks of a solid, action list can get @*#! done in your business.

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