Your Blog Posts and Articles Don’t Dance Alone: How You Go Viral

You’re Blog Isn’t Going to Distribute Itself

Have you ever written an article or blog and expected it to market you?

Have you just written it and expected your customers to share it?

Big hint here: if they are not…it isn’t content you want to write more of, unless you want to try an experiment for 4 weeks. I dare you.

If you write a blog, and you expect it to be successful attracting customers you’re focusing on a narrow market, so you can make it specific to them, and you’re focusing on something specific like nutrition, or mindset, or strength. You are not all over the board. Because if you are you are not ever going to be perceived as an expert at anything.

My educated guess is that you’d like to be thought of as an expert, someone who knows their stuff, and who is worth a little more.

So here’s what I challenge you do to…write consistently. At least one blog a week is required to develop any kind of a relationship with your audience. Some bloggers do it daily, some twice weekly, some three…whatever it is, do it consistently.

Then for every blog you write market it in social media at least 6 times.

  • Take a quote from your blog and share it.
  • Take questions that come you can answer that will be logical Q your audience will ask.
  • Take statistics from the blog if applicable and share that to lead back to the blog.
  • Create an infographic and share that linking back to the blog to read the full text.
  • Use images from the blog and
  • Use your juicy headline
  • Use a different headline that is blind and peaks curiosity and link back to the blog
  • then you can repeat these – on say twitter, you can repeat several times over the course of a few days, and on different social media sites it makes sense that you’ll do this because not every image or headline is going to appeal to every person who would find value in the blog

Check your analytics before you start this. You’re using Google analytics right?

Then check again after.

If after increasing your social awareness of your blog by potentially 24 times if you haven’t been doing it at all… you don’t see a jump in traffic to your site, comments (you have comments space right) or shares (you have the share buttons on your blog right? Then it’s time to rethink your content because no one you want to do business with is finding it worthwhile.

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