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Do You Look Forward to Going to Walmart?

Do you get excited? Do you look forward to it? Do you know you’re going to get great customer service? Is it the first place you want to go on your list of errands?

I don’t have any idea what your answers are. Yet, I can guess that for most of us we’d much prefer to see shiny lights and window decorations at Nordstroms, or Neiman Marcus. Sure, it’s not a place where you’re going to get a great bargain (depending on your use of that word) but it’s bright and colorful and smells good. The window displays are like artwork. You expect things to be more expensive. You  expect to enjoy them more and feel more special in them too.

Which are you most like? Walmart or Neiman Marcus? What do people think of when they think of your service?

Now that for the most part…the sales and rock-bottom-basement prices that your customers will “never see again” (until you drop it again – and they’ll wait!) are ending it’s time if you’ve not yet (and I so hope this is not true) planned your penetration into the marketing in 2016.

Here’s help.

Nielson polls share valuable consumer information regularly. If we used it to think about how to serve our customers best we’d have a host of ideas. Certainly, your unique geographics, demographics, and history will play a part in making it work for you, but it’s a solid start to some idea generation that will get you thinking in a constructive way.

At the beginning of 2015 72% planned to exercise (and 75% globally planned to change their diet). So are you offering the support they want and as they seek the answers to what they should eat and how they should exercise…are you there?

In a subscriber newsletter this week I will break down another poll’s results about nutrition and point to three absolute winner opportunities to grow your marketing strategy and revenue streams.

30,000 surveyed 49% said they are overweight and 50% said they are actively trying to lose weight.

This is a plea for help! 50% are actively trying to lose weight.

There’s a gap between consciousness and behavior to change. We knew that right?

75 percent say they feel they can manage health issues through nutrition, and 64 percent say they will take whatever means necessary to control their own health. However, when it comes down to putting those thoughts into action, only 70 percent say they’re actually “actively trying to be healthier,” 50 percent say it’s a challenge to eat healthy, and 66 percent say they don’t exercise enough.

“66 percent say they don’t exercise enough”

They say it themselves. So they’ve opened the door. If they’re thinking it, they will find your article titled “Are You Exercising Enough?” or “How to Get Enough Exercise Without Spending More Time At the Gym” to be the direct message to their heart.

“How Much Exercise For Weight Loss?”

“Are You Exercising Too Much Too Lose Weight?”

Find an article title that plays on what they are already thinking, wondering, or asking. Don’t try to be smarter than you consumer by telling them what they need. They’re looking for those that are promising what they want. You’ve got to play that game. Then you can deliver the program you know will truly help them long term.

Consider the messages that you’re getting that you might be overlooking. The answer to that ONE big thing you’ll do this year could be right there.


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