The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with Fitness Marketing

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#1 Adding People to Your List Without Asking Permission or Telling Them Something Juicy is Coming

No one is begging for more email. No one lacks for information. If someone didn’t knowingly opt in to your email list they aren’t looking for your email, don’t know the value of it if it shows up, and may delete it simply because you didn’t ask permission.

Even if they did opt in, if you’re set up for a double opt in – meaning they have to confirm they want your email – and you don’t call their attention to the fact that they need to go to their inbox and find your email – which may be in their promotions or spam right now – you still may never reach them when you’re sending emails. That’s the barrier method of email control.

#2 Promoting with No Call To Action

Customers are not going to work for you. You need to make it easy for them. If you create anything, from Facebook post to Billboard, you need to tell them what to do next. This is Mother’s Day week. Most businesses have something going on for moms. You post a special in your Facebook timeline. Who are your fans? Who will see this? A stranger?  A current customer? Mom herself? A son from out of state? Potentially all of the above.

Here’s what that’s like if I’m a customer.

I see it. I hadn’t thought of that. I want it. And there’s no clue as to how to get it. I click on the image- because that’s what you’ve trained me to do for more information. I go to your website but there’s nothing about how to buy. By now I gave you 30 seconds beyond my 3-5 second attention span and I’m over it. Something else is calling my attention.

#3 Promoting with a Call-To-Action That Requires More Steps

Using the same post to Facebook above, you say, to get your X, stop in our XXXX location. I’m out of state. Mom is in town. I have to think about the possibility of looking up the phone number, calling to see if I can get this done. That is if I have time to do it, and don’t have to try to remember doing it later after dozens of information and to-dos on my list have interfered.

Here’s what’s true about customers. If you create a one-click to a sale most are likely to do it once they decide they want it. If you have two clicks to a sale and it’s work of entering their name, address, phone. email, payment type, you’ve lost them. Consider Pay Pal. Immediate capture. Easy and down. I saw it I want it I got it and it’s over. Now the work is up to you – have you got a gift certificate automated? A page you send sales “thank you” that has a link for that gift certificate they can print off?

It’s 2016. You could. As many as 50% of people who visit a sales page will abandon it if they have to enter their information and it’s a time consuming (of more than seconds) kind of task. A whopping 85% of your customers are on mobile devices and all thumbs.

#4 Making an Offer That Screams “I’m Discount” Material

If you have discount mentality so do your customers. Your offers make or break your business. You get right-now clients on cheap, easy fast sales. They aren’t the customers who are going to be satisfied long-term and renew and share their progress publicly.

Make your offers based on value, something irresistible. Give more time, additional experiences, more connection with you, complimentary services that help their success. If you don’t believe you’re good enough for full value neither will they. The real damage is to staff members. Younger, inexperienced trainers who are led into discount mentality never recover. Everyone has that little voice of doubt in their head and a discount plays right to it. Temporarily you get the flurry of “busy” and feel of being in demand while setting up for a feast or famine cycle.

#5 From Hello to Buy This

If you’re marketing to a re-targeted audience, that is, they’ve visited an offer page, abandoned a shopping cart, going from ad to an item for sale works. If you’re trying to selling to a big audience of strangers, leads, prospects, current customer – as you are if you’re sending to a big email list of the kitchen sink or a social media site – you’re not going to catch many people at all.

Marketing today is about relationships. Video is going to get bigger. Not a video that is salesy, but videos that offer content-rich information that solves customers problems. It’s information and content that work to begin building relationships with clients.

Send your ads to a video or to a blog. Then give them information. Advertise the solution to a problem and then give it. Give them the next step to get something free on that piece of information. The forward marketing of the future is not going directly for a sale but it’s going for a relationship and your story. A customer wants to know your why before they’ll ever answer “why you” to buy from you.

You’re only why you can’t be because you’re the only one in town. Because in this global world, clearly you’re not. Streaming video makes a trainer around the world just as accessible as you and in some ways more. Face-to-face is never going to replace automation of personal training (or any business) but it is going to take a part of your business regularly from now on.

The take-aways?

  • Let your customers know you’re sending something juicy they want. Tell them when it’s coming. Deliver on that promise so that every time they open your email or read the blog you’ve sent them to they get something valuable to help them reach what they told you is their goal.
  • Always make sure you’ve included a “your logical next step” is… and that it makes sense. Text to ___________, call ____________ now, stop at the front desk now (if your customer is seeing something inside your facility).
  • Do not let technology stop you. You don’t have to have the answer- just know the question to ask- and someone can do it for you.
  • Remove hoops. Let clients jump through them at your classes but don’t put them out in front of the enrollment process.
  • Nurture a relationship instead of going for the one-night stand.

To changes that make summer sales sweeter!

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