Biggest Mistakes In Email That Cost Subscribers

 In Marketing

Make These Mistakes And Lose Customers Quick

1. Talk about yourself. All the time. If you are sending emails and only promoting your programs with a. flyers of your programs b. articles that lead with promotions of your programs …bu-bye… Unless you’re a RETAIL store that is there for the purpose of SELLING goods that your customers walk in and buy and leave, neither of these is the fast way to your customer’s heart. You haven’t helped them, informed them. YOU are a coach, a trainer, a valued advisor…or you’re not. Read your last emails. What are you ? A promote- me retail business? or an authentic support for problems your customer is lying awake at night thinking about?

2. Send with irregularity. If you either have diarrhea or constipation when it comes to your emails or podcasts, social media posts…. fewer and fewer of the people you’re sending to are reading you. They don’t know who you are or why you’re there. They didn’t expect it, look forward to it and don’t remember they signed up for it.

3. Forget what you promised. If you promised highly valuable content that would keep them from making mistakes, and keep them motivated but you send only “buy me buy me” information…guess what? Your customer is getting the REAL STUFF from someone. As they begin to like and trust that real stuff from that real person or business…why do they need you?

4. Show mismatched photos to our audience. You have 50-60 year olds  who have the deepest pockets in your market that you’re trying to attract and you’re showing 20 year old red heads … with few clothes and air-brushed or anorexic on steroid bodies? Not going to work well for you. They’ve got grey hair…they’ll laugh their ____ off about funny events that happen with aging. They- unlike you – aren’t trying to ignore aging. They’re trying to have fun with it and be the best they can be. They aren’t broken they aren’t wishing they were 20. Half of them are lapping you and climbing mountains or going on bike trips to Italy. Get with the program.


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