2-Ingredient for Better Social Media Posts! Beyond Better & Less

Better social media posts come from 2 things.

A watched post never boils….oh, that’s pot. But the same is true. If you look at a post every 

hour or in 20 hours and think, it didn’t get much engagement I’ve got to post again, you’re missing the boat.

#1 Post less often. 

#2 Keep them more engaged on previous posts.

Too often we’re confusing better social media posts with posting more. Instead, post stories. Why? Because no one can watch just one story anymore than they can watch just one reel. 

How do you watch stories? You land on a story and then you click click click through all of them from the same account. So does your prospect. So they will see the post that you shared, then you immediately shared to your story (you did that right?) and you can post it again to stories after the first disappears in 24 hours. 

Go Big, Then Go Home… and Relax

Try posting something bigger less frequently and then blow it up with stories. 

Better social media posts come from a blend of mindfulness about your customer, and a little luck. I recently had a reel get 14K views in 2 hours with no idea why. I couldn’t distinguish it from others that had far less engagement. So there is a timing, there is music – use good not overused music over reels. Try voiceover reels. Try it all. When the algorithm changes you’ll have to determine again how to create better social media posts. 

But you should never have to determine what your audience wants. When you know them you should always get a consistent connection. Remember that if you pass this off to a VA who is doing it for you, it’s still you that should monitor the posts, and review the insights to be sure: 

  • You’re growing
  • You do more of what works less of what doesn’t
  • They use your voice 
  • The engagement you get comes from the customers you want

Here’s to better not more! 

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