4 More Better Fitness Marketing Tools| Say This Not That #306

#306 There are better fitness marketing tools than a newsletter. There are better fitness marketing tools than Tic Tok if you don’t have a back end that makes sense and attracts new subscribers. 

It is well into 2022 if you’re listening in real-time. If you’re not do not go away it’s still relevant. 

Are you inviting people to your email newsletter? 

That one died in the early 2000s. I know some people are still using that invite. They’re not doing really well and my first guess is that their entire marketing funnel isn’t really connected or intended to nurture non-buyers. 

Clubs and fitness centers go right to having conversations with members. That’s like completely ignoring someone you invited to a party who knows no one else and doesn’t have any common memories with others at the party. They probably aren’t going to stay long. 

In this “say this, not that” episode, I’m reviewing a common problem that trainers and health coaches both do. 

 Instead of Inviting People to Your Email Newsletter: 

  • Offer a juicy freebie that they’ll love (in exchange for their email address) 
  •  Provide a learning experience (like a webinar) 
  •  Invite them to take a quiz (and then send them the results via email) 
  •  Ask them to answer a survey so you can provide the best information 
  • These now become ways you are adding value, not just increasing the influx of emails that bombard us all and make us feel like we’re drowning. You’re inviting them to get something they WANT for free or to give an opinion and contribute (usually something we’re compelled to do). It’s well, much more inviting. 

Do You Do This Too? 

I for one, on the daily, click something I requested, I don’t have time to really dig in at the moment, then I’ll delete it later because I figure if I didn’t look at it for weeks, I managed to live without it, it can’t be that life-changing. Even if your “get my newsletter” works you have an issue. So, they’re in, they’re out if you have this “newsy” email in most cases. 

There you have it, this episode of the Say this not that series this week. Is there one of these better fitness marketing tools that resonate with you? Leave me a comment or a rating in iTunes for the Fitness Marketing Mastery show. If you’re not already a Fitnessmarketingmastery.com subscriber, you’ll find a message from me on the home page about how I can help you make your business go or grow in the next year. 

Take action.. whatever you do. If you’re out walking, running or you’re lifting, pull that phone out and create a note if you got inspired. I know I do.. most often on a trail while listening to a podcast and if I don’t capture it… I lose that great idea. Better fitness marketing tools can’t be implemented if you don’t remember the inspiring thought you had! 

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